My review on the Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch

Ingredients highlight: As you can see from the whole list, it is pretty much simple and short. Petroleum resin is a hydrocarbon compound and it will help the patches to stick better on top of our skin. Polyurethane film is a polymer based film that will act as a protective film to keep the patches from absorbing air or liquid. Liquid paraffin or better known as mineral oil acts as a protective shield and blocking anything from getting inside the patches. This product does not contain any preservative and that is why Cosrx themselves recommended to use these patches as often as you could.

Full ingredients list:

Cellulose gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polysobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane.

My first impressions:

These patches come in the similar packaging as the original one does; a zip lock bag with a black labeling on the front to differentiate between this and the original version. I find this packaging is the best for this kind of product. It’s neat, simple and easy to use. Unlike the original one, Fit Me version only has one size and there are a total of 18 patches inside the zip lock bag. The patches are very thin compared to the original one thus I find this version is better for a day use and to be used under makeup.


The patches are really, really thin and quite small too. Because they’re colorless, they look almost invincible on my skin. The patches are smooth and makeup applies well on top of them.

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How I use it:

I prefer using this when I have already popped the pimple. The patch will suck up all the gunk and you can see the nasty buildup stuck into the patch. I will replace it with a new one, sometimes three times a day depends on how worse the pimples are. As I mentioned, do not shy using this more than one patch a day. I also prefer to put this on right after I cleanse my face and yes, even before toner. I find the patch sticks much, much better that way.


These are absolutely amazing for those who tend to pick on their pimple which is the worst habit you could do if you are prone to acne. I cannot stress enough on how important it is NOT to touch your pimple, let alone using your nasty fingernails to do so. Just put this on and it will do the job for you. Besides normal pimple, I find that this helps a lot with cystic acne too. Normally, after one patch, the inflamed cystic acne will reduce down and by the second or third patch, it will go away. I also love how thin these are. When I go out, I no longer get the stare from other people. Before this, I use a different acne patch from a different brand and it drove me crazy using them in the daylight because people thought that I had something stuck on my face!


I used to think that this is a gimmicky product because I did not have a good first impression on acne patches. The first time I tried acne patch was from another brand and it was horrible. Not only it didn’t stick well on top of my skin, the patch basically didn’t do anything at all. I really thought acne patches are useless until I discovered Cosrx and my opinion towards acne patches has totally changed. I am now a firm believer of acne patches and I honestly think that anyone who is dealing with pimple should at least have and use this in their skincare routine. I always have this in my skincare stash even when I’m not breaking out because you’ll never know when you are going to need it.

Product link: Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch 18 patch

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