Canmake Color Mixing Concealer Review

Hello everyone!
Today, I’ll be reviewing Canmake Color Mixing Concealer! Without further ado, let’s jump into the review!

What it is:
A trio of silky concealers that allows you to create desired shade with three-shade available in a single palette, features light, natural and dark shades.

Contains sodium hyaluronate, squalane, and di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate. Free from tar-based pigments, preservatives, UV absorbers, and fragrance.

SPF50 PA+++

Shades available:

[01] Light Beige – For those with pale to brighter average complexions.
[02] Natural Beige – For those with average to dark complexions color.
[C11] Pink & Highlight beige☆ For making your skin bright and giving you rosy-look.
[C12] Yellow &Orange beige☆ For those who want to conceal brown or purple under-eye shadows or redness at the wings of the nose.

How to use:
*If using a powder foundation, use before applying foundation.
*If using a liquid or cream foundation, use after applying foundation.

A: Features light
Features pearly highlights that blend in well with your skin.
Use as a highlighter on the bridge of your nose too

B: Natural
Covers redness on the wings of your nose and dullness at the corners of your mouth and eyes.

C: Dark shades
Use the tapered applicator tip to cover bumpy pimples and small blemishes.
Use the brush to cover acne scars and large blemishes.

Use the mix space to mix A, B, and C together to create a custom-made shade.


The packaging for this cream concealer comes in a slim and compact plastic packaging. On the front, there is simple graphics and word which shade is light, natural and dark and on the back, there is the usual information such as the name of the product, how to use, etc.

The palette comes with a mini mirror and dual-side applicator., one is pointy sponge brush and the other one is small concealer brush. On the left side, it has that mini empty space to mix the shades.

Color/ Pigmentation:
For me, all shades are not that lighter (means too white) even though this is the lightest shades 01, which means the color is definitely suitable for all Asian skin tone or yellow skin tone. The color combination in this palette is neat and organized. These concealers are definitely pigmented, they are true to color like what they appear in the pan.

Texture/ Finish:
The texture of this concealer is creamy and smooth. It has a little bit of greasy texture. The finish is more to a semi-matte finish. I usually stick to liquid concealers since I don’t need that much coverage and I just need it when I want to conceal under my eyes but, luckily, these concealer work for under my eyes. It doesn’t feel dry nor feels too thick or uncomfortable.

Mostly, I use concealer to cover under my eyes since I don’t really that much of crazy blemishes pop out on my face. I use the concealer brush that comes with to apply the concealer and then I blend it with my finger since this formula is best to apply with a finger. They really do a great job in covering my dark circles. It does not feel greasy or feels to dry. Since I had my foundation on, I use the concealer after foundation. I usually use a light or medium coverage foundation. If you apply and thick makeup base, I recommend for you to apply the concealer first before apply any thick makeup base such as bb cream or any thick foundation base.

I did test the concealers out by creating small dots on my cheeks, just too see how the coverage turn like. Surprisingly, it did cover it but with minimal coverage. I use the brush and my finger and then just dab on it instead of swipe it.

These concealers definitely have medium coverage. If you have small blemishes to cover, this works
great and did cover it. If you have super wild blemishes, this product might not work for you.

Lasting power:
These did last long especially if you set it with any face powder, plus it doesn’t feel cakey.

No fragrance detected.

– Comes in 3 shades in one palette
– Slim compact
– Does a great job in covering small pimple, acne scars, and small blemishes
– Small mirror inside
– Doesn’t feel dry or cakey
– Comfortable formula
– Small space to mix the concealer

– Quite hard to blend on top of thick makeup base.
– The coverage is sheer.


Personally, I did enjoy using these concealers. Although the coverage is minimal but I still like it.



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