Alkemie Brightening Superfruit Duo

Throughout most of my early 20s, I avoid all kinds of oil-based skincare products knowing my normal to combination skin cannot handle them. From cleansers to moisturisers, I  opted for water-based skincare products that are lightweight and quick-to-absorb; simply work well and easy. But now that I’m in my early 30s, those products are no longer suitable for my skin as my skin condition change; dehydrated all over, flaky skin along my jawline and outer cheeks area hence the  needs and concerns for my skincare changed as I’m opting more moisturising, nourishing and regenerating skincare products.

To treat my flaky facial area, I have incorporated gentle scrubs, chemical peelings, acid treatments in order to get rid of the dead skin cells. This step is indeed important as we age, the skin cells turnover rate is getting lower which is why we need to gently exfoliate our skin on regular basis (2 to 3 times a week) or we can ended up with products especially the ones with thick and heavy texture like moisturisers just sitting on top of the skin taking forever to be absorbed into skin.

After every exfoliating session, I will be following it up with hydrating and moisturising skincare products; from lightweight toners and essences to the thickest serums and ampoules to the heaviest moisturisers in order to compensate the moisture loss after the dead skin cells being sloughed off revealing new layers of skin that need to be protected with humectants, emollients and occlusives contained in those products.

With that said, I’ll be sharing with you guys about these duo from the brand that recently launched on Hermo; Alkemie that helps me to remove my dead skin cells without making my skin feels dry afterwards and compensates and protects my skin moisture barrier with vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrients and superfruit extracts that can stimulate cells regeneration of new cells and collagen production.


Product Description:

  • Glow up! is a bio revitalizing 2 in 1 mask fulfilling two functions simultaneously: A gentle peeling and a creamy mask with strong skin energizing and regenerating effects.

  • Recommended for every skin type in need of regeneration and revitalization, especially dull, tired and anoxic. It is a perfect solution for those who work in air conditioned offices, and smokers.

  • It contains a loading dose of vitamin C soluble in oils; thanks to its innovative formula, it penetrates deep into the skin and reaches cells in an unchanged form. It stays active for many hours and is gradually released. It protects against UV radiation and environmental pollution.

  • The organic complex of superfruit extract – guarana, acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry and Amazonian camu-camu – has a great power in combating free radicals and civilizational stress. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin and collagen production, and gently brightens discolorations.

  • Additionally, the reduce wrinkles and rebuild the hydro lipid layer of the skin.

Highlighted ingredients:
  • Organic superfruit concentrate
  • C-infusion: a new patented vitamin C with maximum cell absorption.
  • Exfoliating rose and rice flakes
  • Alchemilla root extract
  • Moringa butter
  • Babassu Oil, argan oil, apricot kernel oil, Chinese lacquer tree wax, corn syrup, vitamin PP, jojoba esters and Vitamin E

Capacity: 60ml



There are product full descriptions printed at the sides of the box and the ingredients list at the bottom of it.

There’s simplified product description on the jar of mask itself and it’s indicated there that this product is vegan, animal friendly and to be used within 6 months after opening.


How  to use this is by applying the mask on cleansed face, neck and neckline, leaving a visible layer; not too thin nor too thick for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. You can gently massage your face with it but gently.

The texture of this mask is indeed rich with traces of rice and rose flakes. The scent is actually quite nice to me.


Product Description:

  • A multivitamin bomb for every skin type that needs energy, nutrition and support in combating the oxidative stress. Especially recommended for those who work in air conditioned offices, and smokers.

  • It contains as much as 15% of organic superfruit extract – guarana, acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry and Amazonian camu-camu. The loading dose of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients effectively combats free radicals and extensively revitalizes the skin.

  • It contains the C-infusion – the new generation of vitamin C soluble in oils, which penetrates deep into the skin in a biologically pure form, and stays active long after the application.

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Organic Superfruit concentrate
  • Chia seed oil
  • Wheat sprout oil

Capacity: 15ml



There are product full descriptions printed at the sides of the box and the ingredients list at the bottom of it but also do notice the sticker at one side of the box indicating the official distributor of the brand here in Malaysia.

There’s simplified product description on the small bottle itself and it’s indicated there that this product is vegan, animal friendly and to be used within 6 months after opening. There’s expiry date printed at the bottom of the bottle in the format of DD.MM.YYYY (Date.Month.Year) format. The face oil comes with regular dropper.



Looking at the ingredients list I was expecting heavyweight face oil but I was totally wrong. It’s lightweight and quickly absorbed into my skin. I’ve noticed the scent lingers for quite awhile but it doesn’t bother me much.


Alkemie Glow Up! 2-In-1 Superfruit Muesli Mask

  • The creamy texture of the mask is indeed feels so nice as I massage my facial area with it. There are rice and rose flakes that basically help with the exfoliating process but to me it’s not harsh at all provided that I run my fingers rather gently.

  • Rinsing off was an easy task as I use damped facial sponge after leaving it on sometimes up to 22 minutes as I watched single episode of American series on Netflix. My skin feels so soft and supple to touch afterwards with no signs of irritations; redness or stinging sensation.

  • I always followed up this step with several layers of hydrating toners and to top it all of, a facial oil to seal everything in.

Alkemie Skin Superfood Superfruit Oil Infusion Elixir

  • I’ve tried several other facial oils so far but none of them contain vitamin C so this product is definitely different. I’ve been using this facial oil only at night and judging for its lightweight texture, I’m not surprised that it doesn’t break me out which is a great thing!

  • I love layering my skincare products but with this facial oil, I don’t really need to other than deep cleanse, tone and use this as my moisturiser and I only need 2 to 3 drops for my whole facial area. I’m glad to see that this facial oil actually help with my dehydrated area and I’m looking forward to to be using this for longer time to really see the brightening effect.

Overall, both products are actually great as they’re working well my current skin condition. I get that brightened and nourished skin after every of use of the mask and that facial oil definitely give me that nice, glowing look – something I want to maintain longer.


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