Dual-Use Moisturiser | AHC The Real Eye Cream For Face (Pure)

Being a beauty blogger and social media influencer with I’d rather say small followings for over 5 years has given me opportunity and joy of interacting with my followers thus allows me to encounter some interesting questions like why do we have to use different moisturisers for different facial area or are regular creams are that much of difference to their eye creams sisters or is it all are just marketing tactics for beauty companies to sell more products?

Now, these questions never really bothered me because the moment I’ve started my K-beauty journey, I have included both cream and eye cream in my skincare routines therefore I know that I need to have separate moisturisers for my different facial area as I did tried using my regular moisturisers on my eye area ended up with milia seeds probably because of the heavy texture of regular cream itself and that’s definitely not pretty so I continued to keep on having both creams until I’ve discovered the brand AHC that seems to believe that highly concentrated eye creams are meant to be applied onto the rest of facial area and not just the eye area. The brand actually have a line of eye creams for face and Hermo recently launched the brand on their website and currently carrying The Real Eye Cream for Face, the Pure variant which I have tried myself for over 2 weeks; enough to decide whether it’s going to work well on my skin or not.

First thing first, let’s go over some basic details on the product.

Product Description
Ingredients List

Purely natural and hypoallergenic anti-ageing eye cream with brightening and wrinkle care.

  • Natural. Natural ingredients selected by aesthetics-based skincare know-how constituting over 91% of the product provide the full satisfaction of health and beauty.
  • Ultrafine Microemulsion System. Natural active ingredients stabilised through ultrafine microemulsion system allow faster, deeper and better absorption.
  • Clinically Tested. Clinically proven anti-ageing formula improves elasticity of dermis and provides facial lifting effect, retains moisture for up to 24 hours and mitigates skin ageing.

How to Use:

  • Eye Treatment
    After morning and night cleansing, prime skin with toner, then dispense an appropriate amount of The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face and lightly spread and dab around the eye area until absorbed.
  • Facial Treatment
    After morning and night cleansing, as the last step of skincare routine, dispense an appropriate amount of The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face and evenly apply over entire face and lightly dab until absorbed.

Capacity: 60ml


The product comes in a box although I don’t see any English product description on it and in 2 sizes; 30ml and the above 60ml tube. I do love the gold and white packaging.

There’s the Expiration Date embossed at the top of the tube in the Year-Month-Date format. At the bottom, it’s printed there Carver Korea; the distributor for the brand and if you look closely at the opening of the tube, it’s small and rectangular so it’s easy to control the amount of product that you need to dispense.


The cream is white, almost gel-like and quickly absorbed into the skin once spread and massaged well from inner to outer facial and neck area.

There is a quite strong scent to the cream but even so, it doesn’t linger.


I have to point out that I super love the finishing as it moisturises my skin really well and leave it feeling soft and supple to touch with my flaky area around the outer cheeks has improved so much as it becomes so much smoother. I do notice that whenever I use the cream as my sealant; last step in my skincare routine mostly at night, I woke up with nicely hydrated skin and pores looking smaller.

Of course, I do apply this cream around my eye area and eyelids too and I’m so glad I didn’t get any milia seed but I don’t see any other improvement when it comes to dark circle and wrinkles although my textured eyelids become so much smoother too.

Overall, I give this cream 5/5. Although I haven’t been using it long enough to see actual improvement on my wrinkles however seeing my skin texture improved so much within several weeks and I feel hydrated so much longer before my T-zone gets oily at midday, I do think it’s a great moisturiser and would love to try its other sisters with different target concerns too. 


AHC The Real Eye Cream For Face (Pure) 60ml

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