Review on Ryo Jayang Yunmo Hair Loss Care Series

Ryo Jayang Yunmo Hair Loss Care Series has been raved by many and it has been building the trust among Malaysians these days. Especially when their ambassador is Park Shin Hye, it has definitely brought in more of the attention that the products deserve.

There are so many reasons listed why this series is raved and loved by many, and the few main reasons why :

  1. Formulated with HIGHLY concentrated Ginsenoside aka ginseng extract which is rare to be found in haircare products
  2. Carefully curated and created to deliver the full efficacy of ginseng as the main ingredient
  3. Free of 6 ingredients that could be harmful in the long run – Silicone Oil, Animal-derived ingredients, Synthetic Colours, Mineral Oil, Triethan Olamine, and Imidazolidinyl Urea (common ingredients that could be found in a lot of haircare products for instant results, but will not be beneficial in the long run!)

How To Use This Series

There are three main products in this series (there’s 4 in total) and following will be an easy guide on how you can care for your hair properly!

This series comes in three products:
Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo
Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment
Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence

First Step 

🔸Ryo Hair Loss Care Shampoo🔸

This is the first essential step in every hair care. Just pump 1-2 times, lather till it foams and start by massaging it into your hair.Don’t be surprised that it doesn’t foam up that much because it’s normal. This step helps in strengthening your hair, clearing your scalp from dirts and dusts that cause itchiness.

Note : It has as a really strong ginseng scent to it which is naturally extracted from ginseng roots which you can also rest assure that it’s not artificial.

I personally love the ginseng scent a lot! If you’re someone that loves ginseng aroma, this is perfect for you!

Personal Review: I’ve been using this product for months and I love the scent of ginseng. However, some may not like the scent as it is very strong but it depends on individuals. This shampoo lathers very well and it’s also very mild on scalp. If you have sensitive scalp, don’t worry as it will not hurt and itch possible open wounds. Massage in properly and wash it off thoroughly, you’ll feel refreshed and clean, also the itchiness has lessened for me!

Second Step

🔸Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment🔸

Squeeze off excessive water from your hair and then apply treatment directly on scalp, massage through with your fingertips (and not nails!)

This step is essential as it acts as a scalp cooling treatment, at the same time moisturises and nourishes the hair with all the ginseng goodness in there.

The difference between Ryo’s Treatment to most of the products I’ve tried, it is not oily as assumed to be. Plus, it keeps the scalp feeling fresh and cool after washing it off. This product does not smell like ginseng at all, in comparison to the shampoo. If you’re worried that the ginseng scent may stick on your hair, this step would definitely wash it off!

Personal Review: This is my favourite product in this series! After every wash, it leaves my scalp feeling fresh and cool. In addition to that, I also love how this doesn’t make my hair oily like how some conditioner does. It even smoothens out my hair, leaving it looking voluminous and fresh throughout the entire day!

Final Step

🔸Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence🔸

This last step is to treat specific areas on scalp that needs more care. (Eg, parts that tend to itch or has lesser hair growth), massage it around and wash it off thoroughly. As this has more concentrated ginseng to aid the problems to the scalp, the smell of ginseng is definitely stronger in comparison to the other two products.

Personal Review: Since I’ve always had a small area that tends to itch and bleed sometimes, I applied just a tiny bit of the essence and massage it in circular motion to let it absorbs better. I don’t use this every day because I personally feel I would leave it to days when I feel my scalp needs extra treatment. So far, I’ve only used it a few times and it has completely stopped the itchiness on my scalp.

In conclusion, I would like to say the Ryo’s Anti Hair Loss Treatment is my favourite product of all as it helps in reducing my scalp problems from time to time as well as having the cooling treatment that I enjoy. However, if you are aiming for hair-loss solution, I would recommend to try and give some time before you see obvious results. Remember, patience is the key!

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