Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100 Ampoule


Product Description: Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella-Asiatica 100 Ampoule is one of those products you never knew you needed before trying it out. This gentle yet potent concentrate is made with Centella Asiatica extracts that contain 30% asiaticoside, 30% Asiatic acid, and 40% madecassic acid for bright, rejuvenated skin. This lightweight ampoule can be used in a couple of ways including being mixed with your favorite cream, saturated in cotton pads as a mask, or even mixed with water to create a mist that you can use throughout the day.


Ingredient(s) highlight: This ampoule is made of 100% centella asiatica extract; 30% asiaticoside, 30% asiatic acid and 40% madecassic acid. Centella asiatica, also known as pegaga, famous for its healing & soothing properties. This ampoule does not contain any other ingredients so there is no (irritating) alcohol, no fragrance and no preservatives.



Full Ingredients List: Centella Asiatica extract 100%

My First Impression: This ampoule comes in a bottle glass packaging with a dropper. There used to be only one size available but now there’s also mini size; 50ml available for purchase. The glass packaging is very heavy and since it’s glass, be careful while handling it.


Texture(s): Its consistency is very watery but has some viscosity and slip to it. It layers really well on top and below other skincare products.



Usage(s): I love using this in both morning and night routines. Sometimes if my skin feels irritated, I soak some of this ampoule on cotton pads and put them on my face for a few minutes until the irritation calms down. One full dropper is enough for the entire face but sometimes I do layering with this ampoule too. First I will apply the first full dropper on my cheeks, distributing it to the other area of my face and wait until it starts to set on my skin then I will apply the second full dropper of the ampoule. Some people might be confused when to apply this product. For me, the texture matters in applying the skincare products so I apply this before thick serum.



Result(s): As you can see in the comparison of before and after picture, it has helped so much whenever my dermatitis is flared up. Sometimes my skin is acting up whenever I use benzoyl peroxide (acne cream/treatment). This is so, so soothing to the skin! When my skin is irritated, this comes to the rescue! And my skin gets flushed very easily too so when I started to incorporate this ampoule in my routine, my skin rarely gets red/flushed anymore.



Overall: There’s reason why I always and highly rave this product. I think by now I’ve already used up five to six full size bottles. It truly is a miracle to my skin. It is becoming a staple in my routines; both day and night. But please be aware that because it doesn’t have any preservatives, I highly recommend to finish using this within three months of opening it. Since this is a watery/liquid product & there’s no preservatives so its shelf life is very short. The longest I suggest to keep using it is within five to six months. I wouldn’t suggest using it more than that. Also, I see some people mixing this product with water to use it as a mist. Whike that is actually a great method to freshen our skin, but again, because there is no preservatives, I suggest to use up the mixture within just a couple of days.


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