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Huxley Extract It Toner Review

There are different types of toners, each with different purposes. Treatment toner, exfoliating toner, hydrating toner, and pH balancing toner. Huxley formulates a toner just for that pH balancing function and it is the Huxley Extract It toner.This slightly acidic toner is formulated to maintain skin’s pH balance for ideal skin condition to proceed with the next steps in the skincare routine.


As you can see the ingredients list is short. As it goes with almost all Huxley products, the star ingredient of this toner is prickly pear (opuntia ficus-indica stem) extract, which is a bountiful source of antioxidant compound known as polyphenols. I guess this is why most Huxley products are quite pricey, it is perhaps due to this prickly pear extract. Other notable ingredients include cabbage rose extract (rosa centifolia fower extract) which not only is the source of vitamin C but also has an astringent quality to help tighten pores and reduce redness and inflammation due to distended capillaries. Another one is crape myrtle extract which plays a big role; to balance the pH of the skin.


The packaging is absolutely stunning that I don’t have to hype it up for you. Huxley is a brand known for its neat and minimalistic line. It comes with a pinhole distributor so for those of you who love to put on toner with your hands, this one is great for that. I personally use this both with my hands and with cotton pads. This toner bottle looks sleek and is also sturdy, but it’s made of glass so it is not that travel-friendly.



It’s very watery and is clear in colour. It doesn’t take long to absorb, not tacky and no slippery feeling whatsoever. And the smell! Hm how do I begin to explain the smell? Well I guess with Huxley, you either love it or hate it. Some say it smells of outdoor and desert, some say it’s floral. You gotta smell it yourself, sis?


The watery texture sinks in really quickly and skin feels instantly soothed and supple. I love that it is not heavy at all for my combination skin and how soothing it is. No irritation or breakout experienced. During my first week of using, i could feel a teeeeeny weeeeny bit of sensation on the first few seconds, which, i think was due to the astringent property of the cabbage rose extract? However after one week plus my skin kinda got used to it and I couldn’t feel it no more. It is lightly hydrating which is something that I love on hot days but most days so I would follow up with my Laneige CSR or Simple Hydrating Booster.


I am now in the seventh month of using this and tbh it doesn’t have that mindblowing ‘wow!!’ effect on my skin and I don’t expect it to. It is a pH balancing toner that works as a ‘safety net’ that I can rely to on hot days or my bad skin days ‘cause I know you’d never break me out, baby! (See my second ‘pros’ point below for further clarification on this)


All in all, it is a pH balancing toner and it does what it’s supposed to do. I have now used it for more than half bottle so I’ll wait for Hermo sale to repurchase!

(Examples of how my minimal routine on hot days or irritated skin days)


  • Minimal ingredients, which may be something that sensitive skins would appreciate as according to dermatologist Jennifer Schwalek: the lesser ingredients a product has, the lesser likelihood that we may develop irritation or allergic contact dermatitis to the ingredients in the product.
  • No paraben, no alcohol, no sulfate, no silicone. Some people can’t really tolerate these four things so they would love this criterion
  • If you suffer from a damaged skin barrier, this could be one of the essentials in the squad as it adjusts the pH of the skin which helps restore and improve skin’s natural protective barrier. Absorption and efficiency of other products after are also increased (well, supposedly!)


  • The price point is slightly above affordable. So for first time users, it is a risky business ‘cause you might ask yourself; “what if I spent this much and it doesn’t work for my skin?”
  • You would be disappointed if you expect more of it, cause it’s a pH balancing toner and it does just that.



Huxley Toner; Extract it 120ml

Huxley Toner; Extract it

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