Cosrx Green Hero Calming Pad Review

Cosrx is a big name in the kbeauty industry that many have heard. For me, it hits a special spot in my heart because it was one of the first korean beauty products I tried back in 2016 when I first started beauty! Now, Cosrx has expanded into a bestselling and effective korean skincare brand and sworn by many both in and outside asia.

With its ever-popular and bestselling One step pimple clear pad, Cosrx came out with a few other variants of its convenient, pre-soaked exfoliating toner pads in a tub! Today, the One Step Green Hero Calming Pad is one of their bestselling products.




The Cosrx Green Hero Calming Pad claims to…

  • Most suitable for those with sensitive skin issues
  • Hydrating, soothing and calming properties
  • Contains 75% green tea water
  • EWG safe ingredients
  • Daily toner pads meant for daily use
Pad One Step Pimple Pad One Step Moisture Pad One step Green Hero Calming Pad
Skin Type Oily/Acne-prone skin Dry/dehydrated skin Sensitive/irritated skin
Skin Type Daily exfoliating & improving, Softening skin texture
Key point Healing/prevent acne & pimple Deep/long lasting hydration Calm sensitive skin & recover irritated skin
Key ingredients Willow Bark Water 85.9%, BHA 1% Propolis extract 79%, BHA 0.5% Camelia Sinesis Leaf Water 75%, Green RXTM 10%, PHA 0.25%
Ph level Ph 4.0 ph 5.0 ph 4.5
Combination Snail essence = regenerating and fading acne scars Propolis = intensive moisture balance Centella ampoule = intensive soothing treatment

Compared with the other two versions; this toner pad is targeted for sensitive or irritated skin and provides soothing, calming properties!


Key Ingredients include:

  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water
  • Centella asiatica extract
  • Witch Hazel
  • Tea Tree
  • Artemisia Princeps Extract
  • PHA 0.25%

Now the ingredients part is where I would like to dive deep into a little bit today. This contains 75% of Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water; while the name sounds unfamiliar, it’s commonly referred to as green tea extract – which has inflammatory, antibacterial properties meant to heal, calm and soothe skin. It also contains Centella Asiatica Extract, an ingredient widely popular in the immense year of skincare in Korean brands; known for its significant healing, soothing and calming properties (e.g. Skin1004 Centella Ampoule). It also contains 0.25% of Lactobionic acid, a Polyhydroxy acid (PHA) which is known for its brother and sister AHA and BHA; which both are chemical exfoliants. PHA has larger molecules which target the surface of the skin as compared to AHA and BHA, however more gentle and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

All in all, Cosrx Green Tea Hero Calming Pad is a low PHA mild exfoliating pad meant for daily use, specifically targeted for sensitive skin!




Like the other two variants, this contains 70 pads of pre-soaked circular cotton pads which each have a slightly rougher side meant for exfoliating and the other which is less rough. How I use this is to always use the ‘rougher’ side, then the ‘less rough’ side with circular gentle motions all over my face.





The rougher side provides a nice mild exfoliation effect which helps to get rid of dead skin cells, dirt etc! I personally used this in the morning after my facial cleanser and still found my face dirty.

photo 17-01-2019, 11 57 44 am

After using the rougher side, I found that my skin felt smoother to the touch, calmer and hydrated. The mild exfoliation effect really helped my skin to prep for makeup in the morning and felt smoother than usual (i usually have a lot of dry patches or just dead skin cells in general) and was really impressed!

After that i continued on and used the smoother side to wipe around my face in circular motions!


  • Convenient for travel
  • Mild exfoliation meant for daily use
  • Suitable for even sensitive skin
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells and dirt/sebum
  • Skin feels smoother and cleaner
  • Contains green tea extract, Centella and more to calm and soothe irritated skin


  • Would probably be pricey for 70 pads

In a nutshell,

I was generally surprised and impressed with these Cosrx Green Hero Calming pads. They helped with the dead skin cells/dry patches I had on my skin and felt smoother plus really made a better canvas for makeup application. I totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy convenient way to tone and exfoliate in the morning! Especially if you have sensitive, acne-prone skin as the ingredients in this will really help a lot to calm the skin!


BUY HERE!Cosrx One Step Green Hero Calming Pad 70pcs

Cosrx One Step Green Hero Calming Pad

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