Mask that uses root veges to achieve dewy skin!

There is nothing more exciting than the perfect sheet mask to glow you up this holiday season! Read on to find out what this best-selling mask at Japan @cosme store did to my complexion.

If you clicked into this and you have sensitive skin just like I do, well… you CLICKED right! The constant struggle for the likes of us was always finding products that don’t irritate our sensitive skin. 

It’s tough to please my very delicate and easily irritated complexion, which is why I tend to opt for “natural” skin care routine a.k.a “clean beauty” where there are no nasties in one’s skincare regime. 

I tend to avoid formulas which had fragrance or loaded with chemicals. But after learning about an interesting mask series based with root vegetables, I knew it was worth a try. 

Before we get into it, Vitiligo and eczema have been both big parts of my sensitive skin struggle. If you aren’t familiar with Vitiligo, it’s a skin condition where white patches are formed on your skin (it can be anywhere on your skin). This happens by a loss of pigment in the skin (when a certain type of cell fails to produce melanin). 

I’ve been lucky enough to have a very mild case that can be easily hidden with spectacles 👓. Thankfully, I was quickly cured of it *miraculously* after several consultations to the skin specialist. Phew! Although, eczema is still a big struggle! 😥

So what fascinated me the most was the fact that these masks were made with root vegetables; Lotus Root, Radish, Sweet Potato, Bamboo Shoots Skin, Ginger Rhizome, Carrot, and Burdock Root. Most of them are actually my favourite and believe it or not, they have been flying off the shelves at @cosme Japan store. Other than these masks selling like hot cakes, it also promises a glowing, dewy look when these masks are used every single day for 10 days

As there are many types, and some are superior at targeting specific skin issues, I’ve decided to round up three types that were catered to my skin concern (dry and sensitive).

What makes it so unique?


@Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask [#Sweet Potato]

Why I Like It:

The fact that it’s made from Sweet Potato has earned itself brownie points. The size of the mask actually fits perfectly to my face (like a cozy blanket) and to my surprise, there was so much formula that I could apply it across my neck area as well. 


My skin felt supple and hydrated but it wasn’t to the extent where I didn’t need to apply my usual serum or nighttime moisturizer afterwards. 

@Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask [#Lotus Roots]

Why I Like It:

The fact that it’s less sticky compared to Sweet Potato makes it favourable. Upon applying it, I could feel the serum is quickly absorbed into my skin. Lotus as the hero ingredient, is aimed to undo damaged skin from sunburn.  


Unfortunately, this is my least favourite. Even though the formula is less sticky, it didn’t feel as hydrated on the skin as much as Sweet Potato reflected on my skin. 

@Cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Face Mask [#Ginger]

Why I Like It:

Because I love Ginger! 😍 Hehe, but on a serious note, I liked how my skin is calm, moisturized, and just how refreshing it feels just 5 minutes after.


I wouldn’t dare to promise that it will give you that lit-from-within radiance, but I did notice my skin was more even upon using it twice. 

Bottom Line

After wearing these masks every other night for 10 days consecutively, my complexion did look more even and hydrated. While I had high expectations towards this mask, it didn’t provide any intense brightening effect, but the good news is; I did not experience any bad reactions while using it, so that makes it sensitive-skin approved! So if you are a mask junkie like myself, definitely give this mask a try or treat yourselves to a 10-day mask challenge to see what it does to your complexion! 😏


@cosme Nippon Root Vegetable Masks (available in 7 variants)

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