LaF Tea Tree BHA Skin Solutions Whitening Ampoule Review

LaF Tea Tree BHA Skin Solutions Whitening Ampoule

LaF a.k.a Lost and Found

What it is:
A fast-acting ampoule that delivers dramatic skin tone up effect. Adenosine and niacinamide make your skin look radiant and resilient, and pearl extract with rich sources of adenosine and minerals keep your skin pure.

Amount of product:
30ml / 1.0 fl. oz

How to use:
After you have cleansed your face, dispense enough to massage it into your skin. Gently pat into the until it is fully absorbed.

LaF Tea Tree BHA Skin Solutions Whitening Ampoule
There are two other variants besides the Whitening Ampoule – Water Bomb Ampoule and Anti-Wrinkle.
This product comes in a nice glass bottle with a transparent dropper to dispense the product. The dropper applicator work perfectly fine and very easy to use.
LaF Tea Tree BHA Skin Solutions Whitening Ampoule
For me, one full pump of the ampoule is enough to cover my whole face. Not to forget, I also go down to the neck since we can’t neglect that part! 

Texture/ Finish:
The texture of this product is very lightweight and very watery. Once it has been applied to the skin, it absorbed in a good time and leaves the skin moisturized and not sticky.

This ampoule has a light fresh natural scent that goes away after application.

Overall thoughts:
I actually really like this ampoule and might be one of the first ampoules I have liked in a long time. It takes for about 1 month for me to see the result. It does make your skin a little bit brighter and it takes time, actually. If you want instant results, this product might not for you. This ampoule doesn’t break me out or irritated the skin. It feels very nice on the skin, very hydrating and moisturizing. This product is also safe to use for sensitive skin too. Overall, I really like this product and most likely would repurchase in the future.

– Affordable
– Natural scent
– Watery consistency
– Non sticky
– Quickly absorbed
– Gives light hydration
– Did not cause breakouts

– No instant brightening
– Slow in whitening


LaF Skin Solution Ampoule 30ml

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