NYX Dewy and Matte Setting Sprays Review


Matte Finish
Water / Aqua / Eau, Alcohol, VP/VA Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Niacinamide, Sodium Salicylate, Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract, Mahonia Aquifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Phenoxyethanol.

Dewy Finish
Water / Aqua / Eau, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Niacinamide.

I love that both of the setting sprays do not have a long ingredients list, especially the dewy one. As I have said in my previous reviews, I love shorter ingredients list because as according to Jennifer Schwalek, MD, a dermatologist, “the more ingredients a product has, the greater likelihood that you may develop irritation or allergic contact dermatitis to one of the ingredients in the product.” Besides, I think that a shorter ingredients list may indicate that the ingredients are in higher concentration? However, I thought that these are supposed to be odorless ‘cause I don’t see fragrance listed but I detected quite an apparent smell of alcohol. Not that it bothers me; just stating that fact in case anyone has any concern regarding alcohol. Other than that, I love that these setting sprays have niacinamide.

Texture & Finishing

Matte Setting Spray

Texture feels lightweight, quite watery, not sticky or tacky for me. The matte finish is really apparent upon spraying and as all matte setting sprays do, it makes the texture of your skin more visible so if you have a dry skin (although I think that people with dry skin will use this matte one) or you have a flaky skin, yes babe, this is gonna highlight that. For oily skin however, I think you would love this as it makes my oily areas which are my nose and my forehead not shiny or oily at all and keep the skin matte.

Dewy Setting Spray

Also feels lightweight, watery (more watery than the matte one), not sticky or tacky for me and unlike the matte one, I definitely feel that there is a light film on top of my skin. My skin looks kind of ‘wet’ upon spraying and as it dries out, my skin looks dewy and it has that well-hydrated look which looks good in the mirror and also in my selfies hehe. If you are wondering if this is a great product to achieve a glass skin look, I would say that you might need more in your arsenal and not just depend on this one because despite this giving me a dewy look, it does not give me a ‘glossy’ or glass skin look because well, let’s face it: my skin is not that poreless and flawless to begin with AND the fact that I am not a talented makeup artist tops it off lol. So what I am saying is, do not get your hopes up for the glass skin effect. Dewy? Yes, definitely! Glass skin look? Hmm maybe, if you are talented and your skin is really great?


I am not that fond of the nozzle and the fact that the particles are not that evenly distributed; it is not bad but not as fine as MAC Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter. I need to hold the spray really far away from my face and spritz it because the distribution feels quite ‘strong’ and not that fine. The particles feel like they are quite big and not at all fine. But fret not, it is not as bad as putting your face in front of a water hose lol because even though I have found other sprays more finely distributed than these two, I have also found sprays worse than these two.


(before NYX Dewy Setting Spray)

(Rightaway after NYX Dewy Setting Spray)

(before NYX Matte Setting Spray)

(Right after NYX Matte Setting Spray)

(this one is on another day, about 2-3 hours of matte setting spray, I’m sorry I don’t have the before for this one but as you can see, my nose and forehead are not shiny after 2-3 hours spraying)

Overall, for me I prefer the dewy setting spray than the matte one because I have a combination skin and also I love the finishing of the dewy one more and I find it to be more long lasting than the matte one. Here are the pros and cons of these setting sprays:


  • I wouldn’t say that these are the best setting sprays I have ever used – there are more long lasting sprays out there but both the matte and the dewy setting sprays win at the price point section because you can get these for only RM45.60 on Hermo when there is no sale but when there’s a sale going on, you can get this for as low as RM30. I first got these during Hermo Anniversary sale for RM30 each and I got both of them!
  • These would be a great option for daily use not only for their price but for their performance. I have elaborated on their textures finishing above and besides that, they are also long lasting as compared to other setting sprays with similar price range. For the matte one, it really holds my daily makeup for at least four hours and my makeup does not ‘slip’ or move especially the colour of my blusher. The dewy one ensures my daily makeup stay put for at least five hours even in the hot and humid weather.


  • For the dewy one, if you are using a mascara that is not waterproof, I would suggest you to spray this first before putting on mascara because I had a few situations where the dewy setting spray got my mascara wet and it smudged, sobs!
  • As I mentioned above, these sprays really perform well on daily makeup look but for a heavier, full-on look, you definitely need to touch up and reapply the setting sprays, especially in the hot and humid weather. For those situations, I would suggest a more heavy duty and usually more expensive setting sprays.


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Makeup Setting Spray [2 Types To Choose]


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