Etude House Soonjung pH 5.5 Relief Toner

Etude house launched “Soon Jung” series targeted specifically for women with a sensitizing and sensitive skin condition. This skincare line especially formulated with plant derivatives ingredient and panthenoside to strengthen skin barrier making it suitable solution for the skin to achieve a healthy natural balance.

This toner is formulated with :

  1. Skin calming ingredient (medacassoside & panthenoside) to heals damaged & irritated skin.
  2. It is also hypoallergenic with slightly acidic ph formula (5.5 ph) to maintain a healhty skin’s ph.
  3. The toner also have cooling system for heated skin. The cooling relief function in the toner calm the skin caused by external stimulation.
80ml easy size

Noticeable Ingredient

  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Panthenol functions as a skin conditioning agent and emollient. It also act as protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It help in enhancing skin’s hydration, elasticity, and make your skin appear smooth.

  • Madecassoside

skin care ingredient derived from the plant Centella asiatica for soothing acne inflammation as well as healing small wounds and it helps in strengthen skin barrier.

Ingredient list of the toner


Come in a transparent sturdy plastic bottle. this toner have 2 sizes, 80ml (easy size) & 180ml capacity. The 80ml is compact and fit in any makeup bag or even in handbag. The 180ml capacity will last up to 3 months even if used everyday.

Texture & scents

The texture of the toner is clear-watery and lightweight. It absorbs really fast into the skin. During my usage i didn’t detect any scents from the toner. It proves the claim made by etude house Free from 10 toxic ingredient (animal-derived ingredient, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, pigments, silicon, urea, PEG surfactants, paraben, etc) which is suitable for sensitive and sensitizing skin condition.

Watery and runny texture

Recommended Way Of Using

1. Seven skin method (7 skin method)

  • Due to the watery texture the toner is very suitable for 7 skin method where you layer a hydrating toner or lotion 3-7 times to enhances the your skin’s hydration for a “chock-chock” skin (korean term for a well hydrated and bouncy skin).

2. Toner masking

  • Toner masking is where you soaked toner on a cotton pad and put iton effected area of your skin. This methods also proven to helps in treatin certain dehydrated area on your face.

3. Toner Sheet masking.

  • Run out of sheet mask? Don’t worry just soaked the toner on a dry sheet mask you feel the cooling and soothing sensation from that this toner provide.

I’ve try all the method above using Soonjung Ph 5.5 Relier Toner and my personal favorite way of using the toner is by using the 7 skin method. It helped me a lot in achieving “chock-chock” skin.

My thoughts

At first, I’m very skeptical with the toner’s ability to hydrate my skin without having to do layering method since the consistency of the toner is very watery and runny so i thought i have to layer a few times to get maximum hydration. But this toner prove me wrong! Sometimes i just need 2 layer of toner and it is enough to hydrate my normal-oily skin).

Despite the lightweight consistency of the toner, it is very hydrating. Sometimes 3 layers of it is enough to keep my skin hydrated all day long. Since I’m working in a hot environment, the toner helps me calm & soothes my skin with its cooling relief system. My skin immediately calms down and not irritated anymore.

I always looking forward to my toner-ing session with soonjung as the toner is really cooling and it feels like i splash water on top of my skin! The toner also absorbs really fast into the skin with no greasy or tacky feeling left behind.

I also notice the during my usage of this toner, my skin rarely acting up and minimal breakout detected thanks to it hypoallergenic system which proves not to worsen acne as my skin condition is very prone to acne.

I highly recommend this toner for people with oily skin condition. Since the lightweight formula makes it easily absorbs into the skin and it doesn’t feel heavy for oily skin. For dry skin, this soonjung toner is suitable for you too but you need to layer with extra hydrating products or moisturiser that have a heavy consistency to boost your hydration level.


Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner (Jumbo) 350ml

Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner 80ml

Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner 180ml

Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner (Jumbo) 350ml

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