Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes #18 & #19 Eyeshadow Review

If you’re one of those girls who prefer simple and easy eyeshadows, Canmake Tokyo is the perfect drugstore eyeshadow for you! They have complimentary colors in one pan so you don’t have to figure out which eyeshadow color to use if you’re a beginner. Canmake has a variety of eyeshadows and colors to choose from, so today I’ll be introducing two of their bestselling colors which are 18) Bitter Sweet Memory and 19) Urban Copper!

If you’re the type of person who prefers videos, click the youtube videos below to see me use it! If not, keep scrolling!

18 Bitter Sweet Memory

Bitter sweet memory is a warm-toned autumn berry palette with a good mix of browns, berry pinks and champagne!


19 Urban Copper

Urban copper is a beautiful mix of warm-toned copper brown and red palette! It’s very shimmery and easy to use. Perfect for a date night romantic look or a daily wear eyeshadow!

If you’d like to see a short 1 min tutorial of the 19 Urban Copper eyeshadow, click here!

I totally recommend these beautiful, easy to use and super pigmented eyeshadows to everyone! I think they’re super affordable for their quality and pigmentation. I love how buttery they are and that I could just use my fingers to apply if I’m in a hurry too! If you’re a basic girl who wants a quick and easy eyeshadow, this is for you!

If you’re interested, get the eyeshadows here!


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