7 Things I Do When I Get Breakouts

I rarely get breakouts these days, but they do make the occasional visit monthly especially during that time of the month or when I try a new product (but this doesn’t usually happen). I used to have oily skin with a lot of pustules, papules, and nodules. What I did was quite rigorous then as opposed to now, in my early thirties. So if you are reaching 30 and have a combination skin like me, you might wanna hop on and read! However do keep in mind that these only apply to light to mild acne only, if you have a severe breakout please please please consult your doctor.

Types of Acne (picture credit to http://www.healthgenrate.com/)

What I do when I have acne (pustules and papules only):

  1. Avoid Physical Exfoliation

This is pertinent and I have learnt it the hard way. Never ever use a scrub on your acne area(s), especially the scrubs that contain hard nut/fruit shells or seeds. Not only will it further irritate your pimples, it can also infect other areas with the fluid from the open acne when you wash your face with scrubs.

  1.  Apply Spot Treatment

First, you have to wash your face before applying any product because who in their right mind would apply anything on a dirty face, right? If you’re wearing makeup or sunscreen, make sure you double cleanse okay? That’s definitely rule number one, numero uno! 

Okay so the first time I noticed an appearance of acne, I would immediatelyapply a spot treatment product in my routine depending on the type of acne. Gone are the dumb days of me putting toothpaste on my pimple oh Lord come to think of it, I really really wish that skincare information and guides were as accessible then as it is now. 

Now that I’m older and wiser (hopefully), I would use treatment products that are meant for acne skin concerns. Well, if my skin is getting attacked by a few papules, I would usually reach for my Jumiso AC Cure No Pain No Gain Spot Cream or the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch.


Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream No Pain No Gain
Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

When I am having pustule(s), I would usually reach out to my Payot Pate Grise draw out the pus inside the zit and make it “ripe” faster, and follow-up with Origins Salicylic Acid spot treatment to have the pus dried out.

Origins Spot Remover & Payot Pate Grise

3. Use a Fresh New Towel

This might be trivial, but oh boy how big of an impact it has! Dirty or unclean towels may have bacteria or dirt or leftover soap that will further irritate acne when they come into contact.

4. Apply Soothing Agents

After using spot treatments, I would apply pure aloe vera gel or do some toner masking, or both. Using aloe vera can cool down the inflamed area of the skin where zit appears, and also reduces the redness. I know people usually use it for acne scars but I also love it alongside the strong spot treatments as soothing agent. 

Besides, research also shows that aloe vera gel is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. My favourite brand is definitely Jayeon Aloe Vera both in tub and in a tube. I usually use the tub one when I am at home and the tube one when I am travelling.

Jayeon Aloe Vera Gel (tub) and Jayeon Aloe Vera Gel (tube)


Besides applying aloe vera gel, I also love some toner masking to calm down those angry acnes. Toner masking is when I soak few pieces of cotton pads with toner (usually hydrating, soothing toner) and the put it on my face for about fifteen to twenty five minutes.

I usually use my Innisfree Green Tea Toner for this method because based on my experience, green tea goes so well with my skin. If you read my Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX review, you would know that this toner is what I reach for whenever my skin gets irritated.


Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX

5. At Night: Change My Pillowcase and Bedsheets

This is about the same point as the fresh towel one, and it is also about the concern of dirt and bacteria. We sometimes shed some dead skin cells when we sleep at night and as days go by, those dead skin cells may accumulate and when it comes into contact with your pure cheeks that you just religiously put all your night routine products on. Besides, the natural oil from our skin is absorbed by the pillowcase can also add on to the dirt. All these worsens the already existing acne and will also lead to cross-contamination (according to www.teenvogue.com) which leads to formation of new pimples.

6. Never Forget Hydration

I used to think that moisturisers can further clog my pores whenever I have irritated skin but that is actually not true. Yes, there are certain moisturisers that are pore-clogging but leaving the skin surface dry may cause it to be dehydrated and in return, our skin will produce more oil to compensate the loss of moisture on the skin surface. Providing enough hydration can help the irritated skin heal. If you have a really oily skin I would suggest you to use a lightweight moisturiser or an emulsion. Here’s one moisturiser recommendation  that delivers a balance of oil-moisture for combination skin like me:


Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX

7. Skip Makeup

Okay this is totally optional. If you need to look presentable for a meeting or dolled up for an important event, you can put on makeup as usual but be sure to properly hydrate the areas around the pimples and use non comedogenic concealer. Also make sure to really really cleanse it well. As for me, I am comfortable with not wearing makeup whenever I have papules or nodulocystic pimple.  

Well these are seven things I do whenever a zit popped up. Hopefully there are some takeouts and benefits for you!

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