Skincare Saviours for Sensitive Skin

Ever had days where your skin starts to freak out for no reason? Or maybe all the constant stress and sleepless nights have caught up to you, despite your attempts at pampering and baby-ing your skin? Well, as someone that’s been dealing with sensitive (also acne-prone!) skin for most of her life, hopefully a few of these product suggestions will help to ease those itchy, irritated skin days!

// For reference: my skin type is sensitive, combination-dry, acne-prone and often dehydrated. //

1. LANEIGE Cream SkiN Refiner

If you’re a K-Beauty skincare enthusiast, then you must have heard of this well-loved product by now. With a minimal ingredients list and Laneige’s innovative Cream Blending Technology™ process which combines benefits from both cream and toner, it’s definitely a moisture powerhouse!

Personally, I’ve been using the Cream Skin Refiner (CSR) since May and it’s rightfully one of my 2019 skincare favourites. Despite its lightweight consistency, it’s very moisturising, so when I’m too tired but I know that I have to at least moisturise my skin to avoid dehydration/irritation the next morning, I just slap on a few layers of the CSR and call it a night. But, if your sensitive skin needs some serious moisture boost, I definitely recommend soaking thin cotton pads with the CSR to use as a makeshift “mask” – it works so well that it’s the main reason I fell in love with this product, to be honest.

2. NARUKO Bunga Raya Snow White Ice Cooling Mask

Talking about masks… here’s an actual sheet mask that I make sure to always have on hand for skin emergencies! This is a special edition mask exclusive to Malaysia which has instant cooling effects once worn. In fact, you don’t even need to store this in the fridge beforehand to experience the ice cool effects, which makes it a skincare gem for our hot and humid climate. Coupled with a smooth, thin mask material, pleasant mild scent and a lot of leftover (watery) essence post-use, it works like a charm to instantly soothe and cool down my usually heated, irritation-prone skin!

3. COSRX Centella Blemish Cream

Last but definitely not least is a spot treatment that I’ve been repurchasing since I first used it in 2017. While not the most popular product from Cosrx, it’s my personal favourite from the brand as it’s helped to calm my skin overnight on multiple occassions throughout the years. For instance, when I was in Bangkok for a family trip and suddenly broke out in pimples and rashes all over my face due to pollution, this cream was definitely my saviour in healing it overnight. So, if you’re looking for a fairly affordable SOS treatment, do give this a try.

DISCLAIMER: As everyone’s skin is different, what works for me might not work for you (and vice versa), but it’s worth a shot, right? Good luck, my fellow sensitive skin sufferers! ❤

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