Just Can’t Get Enough of Peripera Ink Velvet!

Do you have that one brand that you always reach out for, no matter how many newly hyped lipstick shades released, you would always fall back to that trusty old one?

Like a comfort food, like that one “safe” pair of jeans, that one comfy little black dress, or simply like the warmth of your own bed, I crave the familiarity, comfort, and, the security of these Peripera Ink The Velvets.

I do enjoy trying new things but I find myself restocking these Peripera Ink Velvets. So sit back and let me tell you why.

From left: #2 So Grapefruit (old packaging), #1 Sellout Red, #6 Celeb Deep Rose, #2 So Grapefruit (new packaging), and #3 Inkrush Orange.

I currently have five of these. I had more actually but sadly I threw them away because I have finished them.

Below are the swatches of these five babies:


They’re like lip tints but the finish is velvety instead of liquid. Maybe like lip creams, but in a tint, spreadable, lightweight formula. If you love liquid matte lipsticks, I think you’ll love these! Simply because they feel just like liquid matte lipsticks.

However, just like usual liquid matte lipsticks, they settle in fine lines of your lips and if your lips are dry, they are gonna enhance it so as we do with almost all liquid matte lipsticks, make sure to apply sufficient lip balms beforehand. Other than that, they feel so soft on my lips. Once applied, they take some time to dry.

(Freshly applied, not fully dry)

(After about a minute and a half, completely dry)


I love how mini-sized these are! Making them fit so well in my handbags for touch ups and I carry about two or three of them in my handbags. The screw on cap is secure, the applicator is steady and using them is a breeze.

Besides, they match the colour of the packaging to the colour of each lip tint and although it is not a 100% match like their Airy Ink Sticks, it helps to decide which colour to choose or buy. Oh, and spot two cute snow globes on my little lip tint!


The colour payoff is velvety smooth with a blurring effect. Unlike most lip tints that show up better on people with fair skin, this one really flatters even yellow undertone. I don’t need to apply too much base foundation to flaunt the flattering colours. Besides, they have a wide selection of MLBBs (my-lips-but-better) that complements my Asian yellow undertone, especially the So Grapefruit and Sellout Red.

I feel like a lot of you can relate to this, especially after experiencing a lot of lip tints that only make our lips look darker, like we just smoked a whole carton of ciggies. Eek!

However, these lip tints are slightly transferable and are not kissproof and they leave a stain when I drink in a cup. The longevity is quite satisfactory even though to be frank, there are other lip tints that stay on the lips for hours and hours. Luckily, reapplying them is not messy or patchy since they layer well. Plus, they don’t give  me a hard time to remove.

Last but not least (it’s the best point, in fact), I love how easy it is to do the ombre/ gradient lips with these, especially a subtle lip. I usually wear the softer, fairer nudes first and then I apply one of these deeper shades of Ink Velvets on the inside of my lips and spread it out. Voila!

(Base: NYX Lip Lingerie in Lace Details, Top: Peripera Ink The Velvet in So Grapefruit + Sellout Red)

(Base: NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, Top: Peripera Ink The Velvet in Sellout Red)

(Base: NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy, Top: Peripera Ink The Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose)

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