TIPS | How to Repurpose Unwanted Skin Care Products

Ever had skincare products just not work for you? Maybe they’ve broken you out or caused allergic reactions, or maybe they’re just not your cup of tea? Well, before you decide to just bin them and call it a day, take a look at some of these tips to help you out!

tip #1: Cleansing Oil for SCALP CARE

Besides removing makeup at the end of a tiring day, cleansing oils have the ability to break-down and remove pollutants, daily grime, debris build-up and just… excess oil. So, working on this principle, why not use cleansing oils that don’t suit our face to deep cleanse our scalp instead?

As I’m quite sensitive to scented skincare, the Mamonde Lotus Micro Cleansing Oil was a bit too fragrant for me. So while I was getting my hair cut and the hairstylist suggested I try to oil cleanse my scalp before shampooing (my scalp was quite oily that day), I instantly thought of my neglected cleansing oil at home. And whaddaya know, it’s been working quite well for me as a weekly deep cleanse! My scalp definitely feels cleaner and my hair lighter as it’s not weighed down as much due to all the built up sweat and grime. Basically, just think of it as double cleansing… but for the hair!

TIP #2: Facial oil for the lips

Oils are usually tricky, especially if you have clog-prone skin. And although squalane supposedly mimics the skin’s natural oils/sebum and is thus said to be non-comedogenic, when I used the Olivarrier Fluid Oil, I just found it to not work for me.

The good thing though, is that it’s very easy to repurpose facial oils. You could use it for your nails or cuticles, or even as a hair oil! But personally, I love using the Fluid Oil for my lips! Because it’s so lightweight and fragrance-free, it absorbs and moisturises my lips with minimal greasiness and discomfort!

Tip #3: Chemical Exfoliants for underarms

Unlike toners or essences, chemical exfoliants aren’t recommended to be used daily. So, when we end up with big bottles of these exfoliants but are only recommended to use them 2-3 times a week… it’s always hard to empty them before they expire. Take my bottle of the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5%  Skin Prep Water, for example. It’s been ages and I still haven’t run out of it!

Generally, AHAs like the Wishtrend Mandelic Acid work by gently sloughing off the dead skin from the epidermis, so why not use them to exfoliate and lighten the naturally darker areas of your body? For example, your underarms, knees and elbows. Additionally, by exfoliating regularly, it can also help to minimise the excess bacteria/sweat that causes underarm body odour!

⚡ EXTRA TIP: Hada Labo Lotion for Hair

This is probably the tip I’ve used the longest, and one I really enjoy. Basically, I’ve found that my skin cannot tolerate high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA), so upon a friend’s suggestion, I decided to use the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (Rich) as a pre-serum step for my hair. So, after washing my hair as usual, I lightly dry my hair (preferably with a cotton T-shirt to reduce friction) and while still damp, massage the Hada Labo Lotion onto my hair, concentrating near the ends. Then, I immediately follow up with a hair oil to seal everything in!

Personally, I’ve found that it’s helped tremendously to reduce my hair’s frizziness. As HA is a great humectant, by using the lotion before the hair oil, I find that it helps the oil to penetrate better into the hair cuticles.

In conclusion...

Before you decide to konmari your skincare products, do try out these tips – who knows, maybe they’ll work for you as they do for me!

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