Cezanne Make Keep Base Blue & Pink Review

Do you face the problem of your makeup slipping/fading after a few hours? It’s probably due to the hot Malaysian weather, but there’s actually an extra step in your makeup routine that you should do to ensure your makeup lasts longer! The Cezanne Make Keep Base is the perfect primer and sunscreen 2 in 1 to make sure your makeup stays in place and yet effectively blocs the hot sun rays!

The Cezanne Make Keep Base claims to be…

  • Prevents sebum and controls shininess/oiliness
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • waterproof and sweat resistant
  • SPF 28 PA++
  • Fragrance-free

Now at this point, you must be wondering what’s the difference between the blue and pink color? Well…

Cezanne Make Keep Base (Pink) Cezanne Make Keep Base (Blue)
·         Brightens skin

·         Non-powdery finish

·         Tone up skin naturally

·         Boosts brightness of skin

·         Gives a clear and healthy look


I like to think both serve the same purpose except with slightly different color-correcting purposes. In my opinion, pink is more for brightening dull skin (U zone area) and blue is for the T zone. Of course, that’s just my own way of applying it and you’re free to experiment how you like to apply this yourself!

In fact, you can check out how I apply these in my short Instagram video here!

The product comes in a clear, transparent plastic box. After opening them, you see the product in its pink/blue sunscreen like tubes.

Both come in 30ml capacity.

Before using the product, make sure to shake the bottle first!

The product comes in a watery, slippery kind of consistency. The pink is more of light baby peach/nude shade while the blue is more of a baby blue tone. Although it looks greasy, it is really not! The product spreads easily onto the skin and blends effortlessly. You really don’t feel it on your face and it blends seamlessly. Both the blue and pink color leave no white cast and gives a more brightened/toned up effect! Don’t worry about looking like a clown with pink and blue primers with these products!

I definitely feel my makeup lasts longer after using this! My foundation stays on better and it doesn’t crease/crack easily. In fact, even if I don’t wear foundation I’ll still put this on my face as a tone up primer! That’s how much I love it!


  • Controls sebum, semi-matte effect
  • Allows makeup to last longer
  • Slightly prevents creases/cracks of base makeup
  • Tone up effect
  • Sunscreen and primer 2 in 1
  • Blue and Pink color corrector
  • Affordable


  • If you’re expecting this to make your makeup last the whole day, it’s probably still not going to since makeup tends to slip easily in hot weather. A silicone primer might be better if you’re expecting an effect like that; however, for me, this is a great primer and sunscreen with a tone up effect that I use daily and that’s good enough for me!

In a nutshell,

The Cezanne Make Keep Base is a great, affordable drugstore 2 in 1 primer and sunscreen for everyone out there! I definitely recommend it, everyone! Especially those with oily, sebum skin and live in humid weather!

Get it here!

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