BIORE Perfect Cleansing Water (Oil Clear) Review

Apart from their famous variants of sunscreen, Biore did great with their cleansing water line too. For those who opt to use cleansing water to remove makeups and sunscreen, Biore is definitely what I would recommend as they fulfill their claims to get rid of the makeup stains perfectly just like their name ‘Biore Perfect Cleansing Water’. Today I’ll talk more bout this product specifically on ‘Oil Clear’ type as it became my current all-time favourite for cleansing water.

It comes in two sizes: 90mL and 300mL, it’s just a perfect amount to try, but believe you would want to buy yourselves a full-sized once you’ve tried! 🤭

This cleansing water comes with a pump that makes it easier to dispense the product without compromising on its cleanliness. Not to forget it has a lock to prevent spillage, just convenient for a worry-free travelling!

The texture itself is runny and watery, just like water. It is not sticky and greasy at all upon application. This product barely has scent, a plus point for those who tends to avoid fragrance. in their skin care regime.

I often use cleansing water to remove my minimal daily makeup and sunscreen especially whenever before I pray. It is oil-free, and efficient on removing any oil and debris left during the day. The cleansing products I’ve tried before have left my skin feeling tight and dry but definitely not with this newly found gem. In fact, it’s sooo gentle that I could immediately feel my skin’s soft and smooth after using. 

As it’s formulated with Japan Smooth Bright Technology, it claims to improve skin dullness besides its main functions of removing dirt, makeup residue and deeply cleanse pores. The best thing is it’s FREE from alcohol, oil, fragrance and colourants!  

Overall, I had a great experience with this product. It easily removes my makeup and sunscreen with no hassle and very gentle on my skin. I keep my makeup as basic so, using this product is the perfect choice for me.

I’ve also given this cleansing water a test on my waterproof mascara, eye-liner, and matte-lip products and it gently removes most of the formula too! *Just that extra effort is needed on wiping them off. :)

Rate : 4.8/5! 😘😘😘

This product is worth the money! I personally think it is affordable for a 300mL-sized bottle. This product is also easily accessible either online or offline. The fact that it is free from alcohol and fragrance makes it also suitable for those with dry and sensitive skin. Even though it’s stated that this Oil Clear variant is suitable for oily and combination skin, I do think that it actually suits every skin types as it’s so gentle and not drying at all.



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