I’M MEME I’m Multi Cube Eyeshadow & Blusher 003 All About Juicy Peach Review

You know the struggle of trying to do your makeup on the go cause you overslept? Well, this is definitely something you need because this compact eyeshadow and blusher is only 5x5cm and great for on the go without taking up much space in your bag!

If you’d prefer seeing me apply this, just click the video below!

If not, keep on scrolling!

003 All about juicy peach is a warm-toned, shimmery mix of browns, nudes, and peachy pinks! Perfect for everyday wear or that date night pick me up!

The eyeshadow comes in a cute cube that is approx 5x5cm! It is very sturdy and classy. It also comes with a mirror for easy on the go application! If you flip the eyeshadow over, the blush is on the bottom layer! The eyeshadows are also numbered from 1-4 and the blush is 5!

The blush is a peachy pale pink color with slight shimmers.

Color no.1 a nude beige color, no.2 is a shimmery champagne gold color, no.3 is terracotta brown shade, no.4 is a shimmery pinkish floral shade.


All in all, I really love how convenient this is! All the shades are super buttery, pigmented and glide on easily. You don’t even have to use eyeshadow brushes for these. If you’re in a rush, fingers work tremendously too! I love that its super easy to use, beginner-friendly, natural and still looks cute!

You can also check out my youtube video of it below!

Get it here!

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