Cosrx Products I Swear By (Part 2): Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin 96 Power Essence

Now, try saying that in one breath XD

Howdy, we met again in the second part of Cosrx products my skin swears by. In case you’re wondering where the first part is and what product I reviewed, do have a readt here 

Shall we move on to the next product ? Leggo ~

Cosrx moisturizing line have not and will never be a disappointment according to my skin. The product, derived from snail slimy mucus, offers the ultimate hydration and visible acne scar reduction. Now this is a great news particularly for dry-sensitive skin and also acne-prone skin type (YMMV, of course). The snail essence is formulated with a 96% concentration of snail mucin – hence the ’96 power essence’. That also explains the consistency of the product which is very slimy to the touch.

minimal and simple
runny runny

I stated that this snail mucin essence is a great product for dry-sensitive skin above. Why? Because it lacks the presence of fragrance that may sensitize sensitive skin and is packed with so much moisturizing components (snail secretion filtrate, sodium hyaluronate and panthenol) that provide utmost hydration to dry-sensitive skin. This is another reason why I love to include this essence in my night routine and particularly during my pre-menstrual periods where my skin may become super dry and dehydrated.

Packaging-wise, I love how minimal the design is – translucent cylindrical plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. Brilliant AND hygienic too! The bottle labels comes in different colours according to the product type. This one comes in a faded yellow colour. 

One thing about wearing this snail mucin essence is, you must know how to layer your products after you’ve done lathering on the snail mucin essence. Otherwise, your skin will feel stuffy and ‘choked’. I personally love this routine:  hydrating milky toner > essence > snail mucin essence > moisturizer. I also recommended a 15-20 minutes waiting time before you continue applying the next product in your routine. This will make sure that no overlapping of products occur.

oooh so so slimy
quickly absorbed into the skin

Furthermore, I love how moisturized my skin feels the morning after I applied the snail mucin essence. When I religiously wore this essence, my skin has this creamy, glowy and healthy look to it (y’know, flawless skin just like a Korean artist). 

And. I. Can’t. Stop. Touching. And Feeling. My. Skin. 

UGHHH >< okay it’s time to include this product back into my routine. And I also noticed my acne scars started to fade and lighten bit by a bit. 

The best part of it would be the volume and its price tag (depending on where you buy it). Worth every penny you’ll be spending considering the 100ml of concentrated, full-of-goodness snail mucin essence your skin needs. 


Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin 96 Power Essence

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