REVIEW | JUMISO AC Cure No Pain No Gain Spot Cream

What’s the most unassuming skincare item in your arsenal? For me, it’s got to be this cute pink tube from Jumiso! I swear, with its tiny size, it definitely packs a punch – most obviously to any pesky pimple that dares to linger on my skin!

Don’t believe me? Well, how about we look at the how’s, why’s and especially a first-hand account at things to prove that sometimes great things actually do come in small sizes~

Product Description:

Full Ingredients:




Light pink opaque plastic tube with a fine-tipped nozzle dispenser. Outer packaging is also made of plastic, but is transparent with instructions and cute designs all over. However, I’ve noticed that overtime, the designs on the product tube does fade away due to wear and tear, which is unfortunate.

Period After Opening (PAO):

12 months


⚠️ Precautions:

  • Do not use a cotton swab or other tools for application. Only use your hand.
  • Apply to the skin regularly for effective care. 
  • Firmly massage the cream into the skin as if directly sensing its permeation.
  • The stinging sensation is only momentary. However, the duration of the stinging may vary per individual.


Moderate herbal notes, with a familiar tea tree inclination.


Pinkish-white gel-cream which turns colourless once spread and massaged into the skin. Product absorbs easily into the skin, with no tacky or discernible residue.

My Skin Type:

Sensitive (prone to redness and irritation), combination-dry, acne-prone and dehydrated.

Overall Thoughts:

True to its name, Jumiso’s AC Cure No Pain No Gain Spot Cream really embodies its claim of “nothing is gained without pain” with its innovative discovery and use of phytosilica, which acts as a vegetable micro-needle. By using this ingredient, the trio of main ingredients (centella, tea tree and niacinamide) are given the chance to really  get in there to treat those pesky zits!  Exhibit A:

As you can see, the papule on my neck turned into a pustule overnight, and later healed overtime without much scarring. If I’d have left it alone, it probably would’ve taken much longer to heal! And inversely, if I were to apply the spot cream on a “ripe” pimple (pustule), it would’ve taken an even shorter time (but YMMV, of course).

So, yes, while I trust this cream to treat and squash those pesky pimples’ dream of taking up space, I do have to caution everyone – especially those with sensitive skin like me! – to please only apply it directly on inflamed spots instead of a wide surface area! Also, only use it at the last step of your routine to avoid the risk of unknowingly smearing the treatment over unaffected areas.

Why? Well, simply because the phytosilica will immediately produce tiny pinprick sensations once applied onto the skin, and if you’re not careful, it could cause an intense burning/flushing sensation on perfectly unblemished skin! Who would want that unnecessary suffering, right? So, please just keep it to “killing” those pimples, people!

Overall though, I definitely would recommend those looking for an effective spot treatment to give this a go! Besides getting a chance to try out micro-needling would (potentially) feel like, it works well to quicken the acne lifespan – no matter which kind!

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