Underrated Hand Creams: Demeter Waterdrop Perfumed Hand Cream & Huxley Hand Cream; Velvet Touch

I am sure most of us are familiar with the brand Huxley, as it is famous with its prickly pear skincare line. Their products such as the Extract It toner and their facial oils have become favourite products of many.



As for Demeter, it is a company who produces perfumes and creates wonderful fragrances and hand creams.



Both of these brands are easily available now in Malaysia drugstores like Sasa, Watson’s, and of course, on Hermo. As a fan of hand creams, I love to try and explore the great ones for my hands, not only in terms of what it does to the skin but also how it makes me feel through its refreshing and uplifting smells. My love for hand creams grew deeper when I become a mother and a housewife as I do a lot of cleaning and chores in the house, which can result in cracked and dry fingertips and palms if I do not give my hands the TLC they so desperately need.

In this article I would love to share two hand creams that I think are underrated: the Demeter Waterdrop Perfumed Hand Cream and the Huxley Hand Cream; Velvet Touch.

I bought the Demeter hand cream in the White Musk variant

and as for the Huxley one, I have got it in Moroccan Gardener variant.

I have thrown away both the boxes for these two so I am unable to provide the full ingredients list. I have searched high and low on the internet but could not find the full list; there are only notes on the main and notable ingredients so here comes:

Demeter Waterdrop Perfumed Hand Cream (White Musk) contains olive oil as main ingredient while the Huxley Hand Cream; Velvet Touch (Moroccan Gardener) has Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil as the star ingredient and is made without parabens, synthetic dyes or mineral oils.

Texture and Smell


It is quite viscous as it is a cream but as you can see, it doesn’t take so long to absorb into the skin. It is not sticky but it is slightly tacky as how you would expect some hand creams would be. There is no slip and it doesn’t leave a ‘residue’ kind of feeling after it has absorbed.

The smell is what I like the most! White musks are one of my top favourite smells there is and it is such a pleasure when my hands smell of it. The smell is not overpowering or strong, yet it is not so subtle either. I will elaborate more in this below.

As for the Huxley one, you can see the texture is thicker than the Demeter one:


It looks thicker and richer than the Demeter one but as it settles into the skin, it feels lightweight yet nourishing. This feels more moisturising than the Demeter one, and it is not greasy nor it is sticky. The moisturising power also stays on longer than the Demeter one.

The smell is that usual smell you would detect on every Huxley products; I am not sure what it exactly is, is it the prickly pear smell? It is not bothering for me but I have read that some people don’t find this pleasant and they are not really into it but luckily the smell doesn’t linger on long.

Performance and Experience

I always find myself reaching for these both as they are unique on their own. The Demeter one is actually my third tube, first tube was in 2018. I repurchase it more frequently than my other hand creams because of the price tag; it is only RM17.90 and that 50g tube lasts quite long! The Huxley one on the other hand, is really a saviour for when my hands are cracked due to house chores or when I apply chemical exfoliants to my face so yeah, I love these both for different reasons and I wish they are more popular because they really deserve the attention.

Huxley Hand Cream; Velvet Touch: for when my hands are in need of hydration and nourishment

The moisturising and nourishing power of this one is definitely no joke. Upon applying, my skin feels moisturised, and the dryness that I usually have at the finger tips (around the nails) is soothed. As I’ve mentioned above, the moisturising effect stays on long too so it is a relief when after a day of doing house chores and cooking and doing laundry, I would apply this at bedtime and my fingertips would feel so relieved and I would wake up with a softer, smoother, hands.

Their Sahara body oil is so popular and I have tried the tester and I really love it so I know why I love this – I think the Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil really agrees with my hands because usually, most rich hand creams, even if my finger tips love them, would make my palms feel ‘sweaty’ if it is too rich or thick but that is fortunately not the case with this one. It is retailed at a slightly above the average price for hand creams which is at RM52 but I always keep in mind to snag this during sale hehe. My rate: 5/5


Demeter Waterdrop Perfumed Hand Cream:When I Am About to Meet and Greet People with a tender handshake

Demeter is a US brand popular for their fragrances so no wonder their hand creams really have one of the best smells that agree with my nose buds. This White Musk variant for example, is formulated beautifully as it is not strong but not too subtle either. I guess as perfume maker they know just the right level of fragrance we would enjoy? I love how the white musk smell stays on my hands for 5 to 6 hours, so I always make it a habit to apply some if I am to attend events or meet people.

The hydrating effect is great too, not as brilliant as the Huxley one but just enough for me for day use. However, the texture is slightly tacky. Upon wearing it, I would give my hands some time and the tacky feel would be gone. It is not sticky though, and it does not make my hands sweaty on hot days. What I love most about this hand cream is that it really uplifts my mood as I go out and meet people! My rate: 5/5


Demeter Waterdrop Perfumed Hand Cream
Huxley Hand Cream; Velvet Touch

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