How to Get Flawless-looking Skin with Makeup?

No one’s skin is perfect, but we can make it look flawless with makeup 😉. With just 4 items, I’ll be giving you makeup tips from beauty gurus themselves on what they normally do in order to get that porcelain-like skin that we normally see on camera AND also the common mistakes we normally make.

What you’ll need:

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Blending sponge / brush
  4. Powder

Before we begin, I’ll show you a close-up on how my skin looks like without anything on it.









From the photos, you can see I have huge pores around my cheeks, pigmentation, and a lot of fine lines around my eyes. Now let’s move on to covering all of them up.

Step 1 – Prepping your base

A lot of people underestimated the effects of a primer. It’s a must to use before applying your foundation as it helps to;

  1. Make your makeup last longer.
  2. Even out your skintone.
  3. Most importantly, smoothen the skin’s surface.

I’m using Double Dare OMG! Red MPR Glow as my primer because I have dry skin. This product functions as both a primer and moisturizer, and that’s the best combo ever!

I just use circular motions to apply the primer onto my skin, and you can see the side by side difference. On the left side with the primer, you can see that there’s a glow to my skin and it looks more hydrated compared to the right side.

Step 2 – Use the right tool

I know a lot of people who just use their fingers to apply their foundation (I was one of them), and it generally works if you have a light to medium coverage foundation. But if you’re using your fingers to apply a full-coverage foundation, it’ll look uneven and cakey.

The Correct Way

The best way to apply your foundation is using a beauty sponge or a foundation brush. Personally, I like Breena Beauty’s Blending Pearl because it’s so soft and takes me only 5-10 minutes just to apply my foundation with it.

I used gesgep’s One Drop Foundation (it has been discontinued sadly) which has a super high coverage and Breena Beauty’s Blending Pearl to blend my foundation at the left side of my face. It legit took me only a few minutes to get such a natural yet flawless finish.

The Wrong Way

Here’s a close-up photo of how my foundation looks like using fingers to blend. You can see that some parts of my application look uneven, there’s a bit of foundation caking at the fine lines underneath my eyes and my pores still look visible. That’s far away from the porcelain-like skin we’re trying to achieve.


Step 3 – Powder your face

The Correct Way

If you heard of baking (in makeup terms, not pastries), then you should really try this amazing technique. It prevents creasing on your makeup and also makes it last even longer.

We Need To Bring Back The Trend Of "Baking" Our Makeup | Likely

As what the image above implies, you use your sponge to dab powder at places that normally crease; underneath your eyes, your smile lines etc.

I’m using Mistine 24 Cover All Translucent Loose Powder, and despite the name being translucent, there’s actually colour to this powder.

The Wrong Way

Not using powder at all. If you find the idea of baking a real hassle, at least apply powder all over your face. It absorbs any excess oils excreted from your skin, creates a blurring effect on your pores and prevents creases.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison one more time. On the left is using fingers to apply foundation+ powder, and on the right is using a sponge to blend + powder.

Foundation applied using fingers+ powder.
Foundation using sponge to blend + powder












On the right, you can see my fine lines do not have foundation caking in between the lines and my pores are almost invisible.

These small steps will definitely level up your foundation game and bring you one step closer to being a beauty guru. If you’d like further advice, feel free to DM me on my IG @lilymiaus 😉

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