Eucerin ProACNE Solution Toner Review

For more than a century Beiersdorf, the company behind Eucerin, has been associated with groundbreaking innovation in skin care formulas. Do you know that the brand’s origins are in a pharmacy, that of Paul C. Beiersdorf in Hamburg ? Eucerin is the dermatologist-recommended skin care brand based on honest skin science. Due to my sensitive skin , i was the pickiest skincare junkie ever , I need to make sure the ingredients suits me well , the smell , the texture and most importantly , the brand reputation . I read a lot of reviews of a product before i actually purchase it. So most of the time , you will see my lengthy review post LOL . I just wanted to make sure my readers able to get the right thing that suitable for their skin .

I have used lots of toners in my life. Started using it when puberty hits me , probably around 13 years old i guess. I always wanted to find a toner that was gentle and mild enough that didnt irritate my skin . My problematic skin got me crazy and haywire when i used an extremely strong toner that contains high level of alcohol . I would say that this Eucerin PRO ACNE Solution Toner totally met my requirement and just my cup of tea . This is the one and only toner that helps me in fighting acne and control my excessive oil on my skin . This is actually my second bottle now it works really well on me . Superb!

Eucerin ProACNE Solution Toner has been specially formulated for oily and blemish-prone skin and for those with mild to moderate adult acne. It is also suitable for all other forms of acne such as acne vulgaris. It clears the skin and prepares it for subsequent care. The active antibacterial formula contains 2% Lactic Acid which unblocks pores, inhibits bacterial growth and prevents all types of blemishes without over drying the skin. It is particularly effective when used in the T-Zone and other problem areas.*

Direction of Use :

Overall , this toner doesnt leave any stickiness nor tight feeling after application and it absorbs pretty fast into the skin . I used it twice a day , usually morning and evening or anytime after i washed my face. After using for almost a year plus , well my pores seems smaller than before and also slightly brighter on my acne scars . With is price for 200ml , yes , i think it is quite affordable and reasonable for daily use.

Rating : 4/5

Eucerin ProACNE Solution Toner can be used during pregnancy but should not be used by skin undergoing medical acne treatment.

Full ingredients :

Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Butylene Glycol, Poloxamer 124, Lactic Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Glyceryl Caprylate, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum

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*Results from the use of beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others

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