Benton Let’s Carrot Multi Oil: Multipurpose Oil for Face, Body & Hair

Who would ever thought carrot is a super food benefiting dry skin and skin elasticity concerns? Well, I didn’t. I only knew about carrot oil after it was trending in 2019.

When Benton came out with its own Carrot Oil, I was intrigued to try one myself. After trying it, I think it’s only right to share a good product with you. Do read my experiences with the Benton Let’s Carrot Multi Oil!



A multitasking-oil that contains German carrot ingredients and is more than 99% healthy naturally derived ingredients.

Carrot-orange active ingredients awaken head to toe skin glow from deep within.

Let’s Carrot Multi Oil contains plant-based oil and carrots from Germany which reduce dead skin cells, prevent moist loss from the dry parts of the skin, and supply rich nutrients, energizing the skin.


Maintains skin balance and gives you healthy vitality with a glow by filling the deficient skin areas with moisture.

❤️ Free from artificial fragrances, artificial colors and PEGs



🥕 Carrots (Carrot Extract, Carrot Seed Oil) – skin’s vitality, smooth skin texture and maintain skin health

🥕 Beta-carotene –  protect skin with pro-vitamin A

🥕 Tocopherol (Vitamin E) -anti- oxidation to promote vitality and health of the skin by antioxidation.

Full Ingredients:

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Coco-Caprylate / Caprate, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Polyglyceryl-2 Isostearate / Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer, BorageRoot Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Peel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Glyceryl Caprylate, Avocado Oil, Tocopherol, Carrot Seed Oil (100ppm), Carrot Extract (660ppm), Vegetable Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Beta-Carotene, Fennel Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Peppermint Oil


  •  Dry and dull skin/Skin that is hard to get over with the dryness even with many steps of skin care
  •  Skin with rough skin texture and dead skin cells
  • Dark skin tone and skin with a disproportional oil-water balance


30 ml


6 months


The Let’s Carrot Multi Oil comes in a sturdy glass dropper bottle where you will definitely spot its orange color from afar.

The only downside of the packaging, for me, is the font color. It is hard to read a black color font when the oil is orange in color. It’s not a big deal but yeah some people prefer a readable information on the packaging of the product.



I love that this orange, runny, lightweight oil has a mild, natural, pleasant scent that absorbs very quickly into my skin without being too heavy.

The vibrant orange color is somehow quite pleasing to the eye.


I have an oily skin so I’m very picky with facial oil. It surprises me that it leaves no tackiness and minimal greasy feeling soon after.


It leaves a dewy finish with no tacky film on the skin


I prefer using it at night time because I usually use heavier creams and sunscreen during day time.

Since it is claimed to be multi use oil, here’s how I use it:

🥕 Face

– I mix 2 drops of the oil with a lightweight cream, (I use Keep Cool’s Soothe Lotion) to give the extra hydration and sealing all the moisture on my face after all the layers of skincare products

– I feel that it is a bit heavy to use on its own. My face gets oily after 3 hours if I use this alone.

– mixing 2 drops with foundation, makeup glides better and gives the healthy glowy finish


🥕 Lips

-I love to put 1 drop of this oil on my lips and leave it overnight. It helps to prevent my lips from drying.

– It helps to treat chapped lips too! Good for lip prepping before putting on matte lipsticks


🥕 Hair

-Since its lightweight, I also put some on my hair, especially at the hair end. Combing my frizzy hair is now easier!

– using it before blow dry my hair to protect them from the damage of heat from the hair dryer


🥕 Body

– mix a few drops to body lotion to give extra moisture to my skin

– I lather 3 drops of the Carrot Oil on my freshly shaved legs and it helps to reduce the irritation and itchiness

– I have been using 2-3 drops on the oil on my heels and I noticed that my heels are less rough and less cracked


🥕 Hand

– I put this oil where I had itchiness on my hand, in just a few second, the itchiness was gone 👍🏻

– mix with hand cream for the extra smooth hands


I love a multipurpose product, it saves money because 1 product can be used for from head to toe. I needed fewer products in my routine, so it definitely save a lot by spending more.

In terms of its performances, I have to say that I am genuinely satisfied. It makes my skin smooth, combat all the dryness of my hair, face, body down to my heels.

The oil is thin and lightweight. So I don’t feel it’s heavy nor clogs my skin. It absorbs fast and leaves no greasiness nor tackiness.

All in all, this oil has gives me good experiences, I didn’t get any adverse reaction from it. I’ll be glad to rate it full stars!



You should definite give this oil a try if you are newly venturing into a Multipurpose oil.

*All the comments mentioned above are solely based on my experience and are only my own. Do note that it may give different result to your skin as our skin vary individually



Benton Let`s Carrot Multi Oil




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