L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold Review

My hair journey starts here. I’ve kept it long for such a long time ever since high school and constantly trimmed off the split ends. I invested so much time and money for hair and scalp treatments, good shampoos and hair care products for all these years. To me, my hair is my everything, my precious baby.

After living on this earth for almost 30 years, I’ve looked everywhere for a good hair oil. No doubt, I have tested many different types and brands out there from the expensive to the cheap ones. But none of them were really up to my liking. They were either too sticky, too oily, or too thick for my hair. It gave me the ‘wet-look’ all the time, if you get what I mean. Until one fine day, I finally found my new hair oil love – L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold!

Before using it, I’ve heard a lot of good things and knew that it was the first multi purpose hair oil treatment that is light and non-greasy. I was lucky that my sister bought me my first L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil Gold. I was completely shocked by how smooth my hair was right after application. 

With a blend of 6 precious floral oil extracts, the hair oil nourishes, softens and protects hair, leaving it silky soft with an ultra lightweight, non greasy finish. How you apply it is up to you, either on wet hair or semi-dry hair. Extraordinary Oil can be used before shampoo, before blow-drying, as a finishing touch or as a treatment for a boost of shine and nutrients. Normally I use it on my wet hair after shampoo and conditioning. Just 2 pumps are enough for my long hair which I then blow dry.

I’m on my 6th bottle now and I truly can’t live without this hair oil. I swear this will be my one and only trusted hair oil brand! My long hair is no longer tangled up and definitely helps to reduce my hair fall.

Even the next morning after application, my hair is so smooth and there are no hairs stuck on my comb. There are a few different variants as well for different hair types. So far I’ve tested the pink and the gold bottles, they’re all good and love it so much. 

Overall, this is my super product! Highly recommended and I would rate it five stars out of five. They come in 50ml and 100ml size, so if you’re travelling, you can always bring along the smaller bottle. And not to mention, it smells so good and not that kind of super strong smell.

Rating : 5/5

You can purchase them all at Hermo, how easy!

Full ingredients :

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, chomomilla Recutita Extract, Matricaria Flower Extract, Cocos Nucifera Oil/Coconyt Oil, Nelumbium Speciousum extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Linum Usitatissimumm Rosa Canina, Soja Oil, Canna Flower Extract

*Results from the use of beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others factors. 

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