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Double Cleansing as popularised by Korean women with flawless glass skin have been around for a while now. But is it really necessary? What if you only wear sunscreen and no makeup? Do you really need to double cleanse every single day? 

Let’s hear what our Beauty Memo Gurus have to say! Who are our Beauty Memo Gurus? Get to know them here! 

Amanda Says:
For those who don’t know, double cleanse is the Korean term for using a first step cleanser: typically an oil cleanser, then proceeding to a gentler cleanser, like a foam cleanser. Popular double cleanse products include the Heimish All Clean Balm and pairing it with a low ph cleanser like Cosrx Low Ph Morning Gel Cleanser. The goal of a double cleanse is that the first step – the oil cleanser – helps to melt and remove makeup more effectively, then only using a gentler cleanser to do the rest.
So, if you’re only wearing sunscreen and no makeup, do you need to double cleanse? The recommended answer is yes. This is because most sunscreens contain chemicals that can be hard to remove with only water. Sunscreens like the Yadah Oh My Sun Protection Tone Up Base is a matte finish, so an oil cleanser would definitely help to remove it better than just using water.
Although more dewy sunscreens like the Kose Cosmeport Tone Up UV Essence seems like they could be easily removed with water, it is still recommended to use an oil cleanser as long as you’re wearing sunscreen. This helps to ensure your face is cleansed and free from any harsh chemicals/impurities and prevent acne.
Noorain Zaini Says:
We all know that cleansing is an essential step in any daily skin care routine. But did you know that our cleansing routine might not be as effective as it possibly could for your skin? When we consider the one simple step of cleansing has to remove all of our makeup, skin care, sunscreen, excess oil and daily grime, it actually seems like we sure are asking a lot from our facial cleanser.
Even if we only use sunscreen, we still need to double cleanse to properly remove impurities on our face. Rather than using a single cleanser to remove the sunscreen and other build up, the double cleanse method works to thoroughly clarify and refresh skin in two steps. Adding a second cleanser to your routine can help to give the clean pores and possible to remove dead skin cells and impurities that one cleanse alone might miss!
This step consists of two different types of facial cleansers - Oil based cleanser (First Step) remove surface build-up, while Water based cleanser (Second Step) can really help to loosen any remaining grime and excess oil from within the pores.
Just try to do it in your night routine and you will see the difference. Double cleanse really gives more benefits to oily skin peeps so don't forget to practice and make this as one of your essential skincare routines. When your skin is clear from impurities, your next step routine will penetrate well into your skin and give you the best result.
Ae Cha Says:
Double-cleansing technique has become very popular especially in Asia and has even been successfully adapted by Western countries. There are no strict practices that you need to follow though. You can use your cleansing balm, oil-based cleanser, face scrub, or even cleansing cloth before you can move on to the next steps which are regular cleansers.
We need to highlight that double cleanse is actually isn't necessary for most people. However, under certain circumstances, we need to consider it. If you are not being exposed to the outside world, it is recommended to only wash your face with a regular cleanser especially people with sensitive skin. Considering the technology nowadays, a regular cleanser has so many different formulated ingredients that can easily wash away any fine dust, dirt, or even sunscreen that help to make your cleanser routine much easier and faster.
If you go outside, it means that your skin is being exposed to heavy dust and different kinds of pollution. It doesn't matter if you have no makeup on or you wear sunscreen, you will surely need double-cleansing because it involves your precious skin. The impact of pollution not only involves your body but also to your skin too.
Beverly Says:
Today’s cleansers are good enough to break through and wash away regular sunscreen! It isn’t necessary to double cleanse if you’re only wearing sunscreen and zero makeup.
However, if you wear heavy or transfer-resistant sunscreen or a mineral-based sunscreen (those with active ingredients such as Titanium dioxide and/or Zinc oxide), double cleansing can ensure you remove all sunscreen without any residue on your face.
Raihanah Says:
Quick read on double cleanse: it is a method of cleaning one's face with an oil-based first cleanser then proceed to use a water-based second cleanser. It is advisable to double cleanse everyday or every other day but your miles may vary(ymmv) even if you wear light skincare routine or makeup.
This is because your skin can become congested from the products/product's ingredients at the end of the day due to the environment and also pollutants in the air. I added ymmv because everyone's skin condition/type is different from each other therefore, you’ll need your own set of cleansing routines.
Whether you're using a micellar water or oil cleanser as your first cleanser, you can ensure proper removal of the products from your pores before you continue on to use your second cleanser. It might be hard to adjust your cleansing routine around this one at first but trust me, your skin will thank you for doing this later
By double cleansing your face, the first cleanser will help to break down any skincare/makeup products, remove gunks and dirts or excess oil in the skin while the second cleanser will help to freshen your skin. You can feel your skin become very smooth afterwards which of course will make you happier to continue on lathering other products after that.
Lily Says:
For me personally, I do not think it's necessary, but it also depends on your skin type. To explain further, most facial cleansers are already strong enough to wash off any dirt, oil and sunscreen. Double cleansing can possibly aggravate the skin as you're stripping all of your natural oils from your face.
Since I have dry skin, I don't double cleanse unless I'm wearing a full face of makeup. Even so, I will use an oil-cleanser to remove my makeup, and then a gentle cleanser after that so my skin doesn't become too dry or irritated.
However, if you have oily skin, I heard it can be good for you as it helps to cleanse the excess oil off your skin. But be careful, as some oily skin are caused by the lack of moisturization. So if you were to double cleanse, it will cause your skin to overcompensate the lack of moisture and produce even more oil. I would honestly still recommend just cleansing once, as it's sufficient enough to keep your face clean without stripping off your skin's natural moisture.

Here you have it, our Beauty Memo Gurus have spoken! However, we do have to remind you to consider their expertise but also adjust it to your own personal experience and skin conditions. 

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