Refreshing Body Care: Yves Rocher Plaisir Nature Energy Shower Gel – Lemon Basil

Being at home does not mean that you cannot put on anything that smells good, right? Shower time is one of the activities that I truly enjoy. Not only because it is the time to wash off and clean myself from head to toe, but I find it therapeutic especially when I smell good. Today I am sharing about my current favourite shower gel from the brand Yves Rocher.

It sounds like a French name isn’t it? With the slogan of “The Botanical Beauty Expert”, the brand Yves Rocher is founded in 1959 by the French entrepreneur, Yves Rocher in La Gacilly. The concept is based on his belief in the life force, regenerative powers, and benefits of plants. Yves Rocher also aims to make beauty accessible to all women.

Let me share about the Plaisir Nature Energy Shower Gel in Lemon Basil variant.


The pleasure of a gentle bath & shower gel with energizing benefits. Our chain of experts, unique since 1959, has selected and combined Aloe Vera gel from Organic Farming and Lemon and Basil essential oils (in the fragrance) just for you.

✔️ Skin is gently cleansed and delicately perfumed.

✔️ Tested under dermatological supervision.

Fun Facts of the Product:

1. The formula contains more than 98% ingredients from natural origin.

2. The brand uses recyclable bottle containing recycled plastic. All hail to our Mother Earth!

3. Easily biodegradable formula.

3. Ethoxyl free and paraben free.

Here’s the full ingredients list at the back of the bottle



400 ml (The shower gel also comes in 200 ml size)



1. Dispense an appropriate amount onto a bath sponge.

2. Lather and rub your body in a massaging motion.

3. Then wash off with lukewarm water.



The products comes in a see through, flip cap plastic bottle where you can spot the yellow color of the shower gel.

Front view – There is some illustrations of lemons and Basil leaves on the bottle


Top view – With the signature green color of Yves Rocher, there is the brand’s logo embossed on the top of the cap.



Since Yves Rocher is a France’s brand, there are informations in both French and English on the bottle.

Back view


You may spot the brand name embossed at the bottom of the bottle as well.



12 Months

The manufacturing date information is also available on the bottle



Firstly, I am loving the scent of the shower gel. It has a refreshing scent of Lemon and a hint of Basil that makes me enjoy my bath time more. It lingers in my skin while I am doing my body cleaning. Ahhh, such a mood lifter!

The gel is slippery and viscous, just like the common shower gel. It does lathers well and creates fluffy foams with the aid of a loofah. I only need a little amount of the shower gel. Save me a lot of the volume. Even without using a loofah, it foams up quite a lot.

My body feels clean and smells good. Since the shower gel is pH balanced, my skin does not feel dry after a long shower.

Tips: Use a loofah to make the more bubble and greater experience



Although the prize for the shower gel may be pricey to some, I don’t mind spending extra money for such a good product. The scent lingers on my skin for a while after my shower. I just love it!


Since it is quite concentrated, I use a small amount of it, which I feel like worth my money. A bottle of 400 ml lasted me for almost 2 months, with usages of twice a day daily.

I have tried a shower gel from Nature Republic before, where it is cheaper, but I love this Plaisir Nature Energy Shower Gel from Yves Rocher better because of the thicker consistency and long lasting scent.


5/5 ⭐





  • Extra note: I have tried 2 variants from the Plaisir Nature Energy Shower Gel which are the Lemon Basil and the Mango Coriander – even the names of the shower gel sound refreshing 😁 While the scent of the Lemon Basil is more refreshing, I personally prefer the Mango Coriander more because it smells devine.



Yves Rocher Plaisir Nature Energy Shower Gel




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