Banish Blackheads with Neogen’s Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

Growing up in a humid country led me to have drier and over produced sebum around my T-zone and caused my nose area to be flooded with sebaceous filament and obvious blackheads! As time flies by I experimented with a lot of products and tools to get rid of them but they all bruised me and even caused scars! Do you ever get tired or scared of peelings and devices to get rid of blackheads too? And you are in need of gentle and mild blackheads remover? I have the answer! The answer is Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser Special Kit!

What is it?

Let me introduce you to this beautiful and gentle Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser Special Kit! It is made with 100% Canadian Glacial Soil with freshness of carbonic capsule that explodes heavenly onto your skin after minutes of swiping. Canadian clay is known to have OVER 40 kinds of mineral ingredients! It helps to absorb any make-up residue, dirt and deep cleanses and keeps skin pure and clean. Canadian clay is formed thousands of years ago B.C. and is found in British Columbia of northwest, Canada. Glacial soil has long been used for all sorts of skin and wound care. Nowadays, it is widely used as facial, body mask in famous luxurious spa of the world and now, it is available to us thanks to Neogen!

This clay cleanser also added with carbonic acid capsule that agitate the pores lightly, helping it to remove waste and all impurities within in the gentlest way possible. It also helps to minimize pores and exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells. The clay cleanser also contains other particles that helps to remove dead skin and results with clean and clear skin.

How To Use

This clay cleanser is super easy to use. It is just like your typical clay masks and cleansers but this one gives you a real smooth and buttery feeling that lingers on your skin. The best part is you only need one scoop of this clay mask and it is enough for the whole face. A little goes a longgggggg way!

This clay mask best used after using an oil based cleanser. This is my way to allow the clay mask to thoroughly absorb the sebum in the pores. After you put the clay mask on your skin, you will hear some sizzling noise and you will notice that the clay has started to bubble and turn a into tiny foamy texture. This is especially noticeable on the area that you have more pores which is nose area, side of the nose, and a bit under the lips. This is a super great invention of Neogen’s foaming technology that focused more on your excess sebum that caused clogged your pores and sometimes breakouts.









After the the foaming process, you must wait  5 minutes and start to use the brush given which is a bonus by Neogen 😋. Start to swirl with circle motions around all of your face. Make sure to swirl the brush in the most gentle way possible. This motion will help to improve the blood circulation on your skin and detox the skin too. Along the process, the clay will turn into a rich and creamy texture and unlike other clay masks, the Neogen’s is super easy to rinse and it does not leave any residue on your skin too. Awesome!

My thoughts

I just wished I found this clay mask sooner (sigh)! I have been using this clay mask for almost a month now and honestly, this is the best clay mask i have ever used! It was the gentlest and the most non-drying clay mask ever. It gave me the cleanest, no sebum and way less blackheads! No over drying sensations, clinging onto the skin even after washed and skin peeling like other clay masks. In fact, after rinsing it off, my skin felt moisturised and is definitely smoother, brighter and didn’t strip my skin’s natural moisture. Plus, even though it does its best on normal to oily skin, it worked great on my normal to dry skin too. It is even safe to use two times a week. I love it!

The best part is, they also provide you with the beautiful brush for free. The bristles of the brush are super fine and applicable even for acne prone skin because the brush bristles didn’t poke and works over your skin gently. I love the brush design that makes it easy to hold even with wet hands. It also helps to cleanse the pores gently and works together with the clay to grip the sebum and swipe it away.


Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser Special Kit

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