LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner Review

What it is:
“Toner that balances the oil and water content of skin, as well as refreshes, hydrates and soothes skin.

LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner contains tea tree components that help relieve the skin and is very gentle for everyday use as the BHA gently removes dead skin cells while effectively controlling sebum and improving the skin tone without causing irritation.”

Amount of product:

Made in:

How to use:
After washing the face, soak cotton with the toner and apply evenly on face for the first stage of basic skincare.


Product packaging:
The packaging for this product is simple, sleek and sturdy. I thought the bottle comes in a glass bottle for some reason. But when I got it, it is actually just sturdy frosty clear plastic. The name of the product is in English on the front, and almost 70% is in English. People who don’t like dealing with translations will find this is quite convenient. Twist off the lid, you’ll find a small hole for which you shake the bottle like ketchup to get the product onto your cotton pad.

Ingredients for LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner

Texture/ Finish:
Personally what I believe the most in the toner is – they work to remove any dirt on your skin and that’s how this product work. This toner actually makes my skin quite moisturized and feeling cleaner than before. My skin doesn’t feel oily or heavy, it just felt nice and moisturized. This LaF toner comes in watery texture almost like water, so they are very runny. It removes dead skin but still leaves my skin refreshes and hydrates.

There is a super light tea tree scent, and it kind of smells like fresh scent. The scent is not strong if you guys concerned about the scent, especially for sensitive skin.

I didn’t have so much expectation for a toner since they really work to remove the dirt on the skin, but this one does have a slightly good side of it. It has a great ingredient especially tea tree plus BHA too, which makes this product is different than other brands. However, it doesn’t do much that makes me amazed with it but I would say this is just a great toner especially who don’t have a lot of any skin problem and just looking for mild toner to treat tired skin.

– Skin feels refreshed.
– Smell nice
– Affordable
– Great layering product
– Moisturizing

– Mediocre toner

Rating: 3/5


LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner 200ml

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