LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Blur Sleeping Pack Review

What it is:
“Tea tree leaf oil and BHA help to exfoliate the skin and tighten the pores during sleep .
Hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate and green tea extract supply moisture to the skin, leaving your skin refreshed without feeling tacky in the morning. ”

Amount of product :

Made in :

How to use:
After using cream as a basic skincare in the evening, take an appropriate amount and apply gently on the face before sleeping. After the product is absorbed into the skin, leave on overnight without washing the face and wash the face the next morning.

Product packaging:
The LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Blur Sleeping Pack comes in a sturdy jar and a twist on tin lid. The packaging from LaF is super simple, sleek and straight to the point. If you noticed, many companies nowadays are more focused on minimalist and simple packaging, which is great.

This sleeping pack comes in a big bottle, compared to the price it was so affordable.

The texture/Finish:
Twist off the cap and you’ll see the cream. The cream color almost like a soft blue color and the texture is creamy but close to a gel texture. This LaF sleeping pack is relatively light and isn’t heavy on the skin.

I usually use about a pea size amount and apply on my forehead, cheek and chin. After that, I gently massage it and the residue I use it on my neck. This cream blends into the skin effortlessly and doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all.

After application, the cream surprisingly gave me a really nice feeling where it gives the feeling a bit cooling and my skin feels moisturized. This product works great if you want extra hydration during the night and is also great for dry skin too. It does help to tighten the pores as well. For oily skin, it might be slightly greasy but for my skin, it drinks it up like a dream.

The cream doesn’t do much and I barely see the difference but I do feel my skin feels a bit softer and more hydrated.

This product smells nice. If you are a fan of tea tree products, you will love the scent.

– Very hydrating
– Leaves my skin moisturized and hydrated
– Affordable
– Not greasy
– Tighten the pores

– For oily skin, might find this is slightly greasy


LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Blur Sleeping Pack 150ml


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