No worries with Uriage Thermal Water

Are you a fan of facial mist? Well I for sure know that I am! By now I have tried more than 10 facial mists and currently I have seven opened facial mists, some are on my vanity for at home use, one in my bedside table to use in between skincare routines, and a few in my handbag as an SOS option on a hot day when I am outside. I have ones from Laneige, The Saem, Bio Essence, Evian, Celimax, and many more but have you heard of the brand Uriage?



Uriage is a French brand established in 1992 when the Dermatological Laboratories have incorporated the benefits of Uriage Thermal Water into its expert dermatological products to help all the family’s skin on a daily basis. Today, its expertise is recognised in over 70 countries.


So what’s so special of this Uriage water? According to their website:

For over 2,000 years, Uriage Thermal Water has travelled through the heart of the French Alps, taking 75 years to pass through the rocks. As the seasons change, it becomes enriched with minerals and trace elements.

Over the course of this journey, it is blessed with unique properties:

An active Water with a unique rich mineral content of 11 g/litre

A protective water , soothing and hydrating, the Water restores the physical barrier, reduces bacterial adhesion and virulence, and regulates the immune barrier

As an isotonic Water like a physiological serum, it acts in harmony with the skin’s cells

Filtered by nature, it emerges pure with all its benefits preserved


One of the things that drew my attention to this mist is the ingredients list. Guess what? This is 100% uriage thermal water and there are only two ingredients in this mist which are: Aqua (water) and nitrogen. That is all. I love how straight to the point this is, and this no-nonsense formulation really clicks with me. Besides, it claims that this mist can relieve seborrheic dermatitis, rebuild the skin barrier and treat both Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and skin diseases. That sounds so convincing to me so I decided to buy this.



This is an aerosol bottle so yeah, it is not really environment friendly. I guess it is made that way to really preserve the freshness of the thermal water and to have a fine mist particles. It feels quite light and is secured by a plastic cap. Okay let’s get to the most important part of any mist: the nozzle! Well the nozzle is easy to press and the mist distribution is quite wide so I don’t need many spritz at a time.The mist particles are definitely fine (as usually is the case with aerosol packaging) and soft. It feels like the morning rain kisses my cheeks. My face is not drenched in water but feels nicely damp.

The distribution

The fine mist particle

Texture and Smell

This feels fresh, just like plain water does, but with a much much finer particles. My face does not feel drenched, it feels nicely damp and cool. No tacky residue, or any filmy finish. Absorbs almost instantly into the skin, giving it a boost of hydration. Skin feels soothed too. This has no smell to it, as the only ingredients are water and nitrogen.

Experience and Performance

If you’ve read my previous reviews on facial mists you can see that I really really don’t like big mists particle as it can feel rough on the skin and intrusive to the eyes. I am a sucker for fine mist particles with a just-enough distribution. Well as you can see in the video this Uriage Thermal Water mist really gives a nice, enjoyable misting experience and I have no complain about it.

I love using this mist outside on a hot day when I need a hydration boost. I also love this between my skincare steps to enhance the efficiency of product absorption (some products work better on a damp skin!).

I experience no bad reactions to this, no itchiness, no sting or heating up or anything. This helps strengthen my skin barrier throughout the day, and instantly calms and soothes any redness or irritation that I’ve got. This also works great over makeup as it does not smudge the mascara or any eye makeup I have on, and it does not melt the base makeup (foundation, setting powder etc.) I have on.

On the other hand, I know that some people might think why should they pay RM15.90 for 50ml of water? A slightly fancy water from the mountain? Well I beg to differ because I understand that I am not only paying for the water that’s rich in minerals, I am also paying for the packaging –  the wonderful nozzle and pleasant distribution. It for sure does not feel the same as splashing tap water or mineral water on the face hehe!

Uriage also states that this eases and relieves seborrheic dermatitis, and treat both Ear Nose Throat (ENT) and skin diseases. It is also suitable for infants and people with sensitive skin, nappy rash, sunburn, after shaving, or after doing any outdoor sports.

My rate: 4.8/5 Repurchase? Yes!



Uriage Thermal Water

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