Fun & Relaxing with Double Dare Cleansing Loves!

Did you know cleansing face can be so much fun especially if armed with the right tools? Today I’m going to show you guys the awesome cleansing tools from Double Dare OMG! collection. Actually these are must-have items in your collections guys.

First things first!

Double Dare OMG! Hair Band

Keeping hair strands from skin when cleansing, masking, applying skincare and make up. This hair band come in 7 pretty, cute and flirty color to choose and they are so comfortable to wear. It is so gentle, plush terry cloth material that protects hair and skin from breakage and pulling. This headband really help to keep bangs and hairs from falling in face. This is the comfortable headband that I ever had.


Double Dare I’m Buddy Face

Double Dare’s I.M. Buddy Face is a new effective, eco-friendly cleansing tool without needing electric nor batteries. Ergonomically angled bristles will gently cleanse and exfoliate the face. The perfectly sized brush head is gentle enough to use on the sensitive skin daily without irritations. Dual sided brushes will not only lifts impurities but perfectly exfoliate removing dead skin cells to rejuvenate skin with healthy glow. This cleansing tool is made from 100% food grade silicone and really safe for skin and come with 5 fantastic colors to choose.

It has 3 ways total care solutions such as :

Long bristle for gentle cleansing or light exfoliation. This part is really good for cheek and forehead.
Short bristle for deep cleansing and exfoliation. I always use this part to deep clean my chin and nose area
• Bottom part is rigid bumps used to face lifting massage (lymphatic massage) and as acupressure tool for any part of face and body.

I use this silicone brush almost every morning because it is so soft and gentle. Besides it works well with my cleanser. It also can be used with cleansing oil and I think this works better to removes blackhead. I can see my skin clearing from congested skin and feels super soft like baby skin.

I’m Buddy is really easy to store as it comes with a flexible design and can stand on a flat surface.


Double Dare OMG! Oil To Foam Cleanser

I really fell in love with this cleanser. I did my full review on it and you can read it here. I think this is a must-have cleanser for me and for those who wanna have super soft skin. I really love to use this cleanser with I’m Buddy because it gives me better benefits.

This is how I use them both. I will foam up the bubble first then spread it on my face and the bristle. I always start with deep cleansing first (short bristle) and massage with circular motion only with a gentle pressure. After that I will continue with light exfoliation targeting my forehead and cheek. These steps are really good for those who love to apply 1 minute cleansing step as we can massage our skin.

The Result

With all these products, I have so much fun especially when I wash my face. The hair band really help me to hold my hair from falling to my face and didn’t hurt back of my head like other hair band that I ever used. The cleansing tools is really good in clearing my congested skin and the cleanser made my skin super soft and clean, brighter and nourish.


Double Dare OMG! Hair Band

Double Dare Im Buddy Face

Double Dare OMG! Red Oil To Foam Cleanser

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