My Favourite Silcot Uru Uru Puff | Review

I’ve been loving this cotton puff for a very long time. This has been my favorite pair with my toner and until now I still use it. The best thing about this cotton puff is you can use it in many ways. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the review.

What it is:
“Silcot is the No.1 cotton puff in Japan* and one of its products, Silcot Uru Uru sponge moisturises skin with 50% less toner and lotion.

It is made with triple-layer material that ensures the cotton puff transfers lotion generously at each patting for a more effective skin care routine. It is extremely gentle and non-irritating to the skin with amazing moisturizing sensation. Great for those of you who want lotion to penetrate skin without any waste.

Since Silcot Uru Uru sponge has passed the international standard of “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” rank 1(infant toiletry), it even safe to use for babies.”

Contains: 40 pads

Made in: Japan


Normal cotton pads are usually slightly puffy with a bit rough surface and tend to stick on your face when you wipe it but for this Silcot’s, you won’t have this unpleasant experience using this super-soft cottons puff as it is designed with triple-layer materials that ensure the cotton puff locks in moisture without the cotton falling apart upon contact with liquid or while in action (wiping motion).

You don’t need to worry about your puff is being exposed because this box packaging has been made to protect your cotton puff inside from being exposed to dust. So, you can actually securely closed the box. How handy is that, right?

My experience:
I would say YES to this. This cotton puff will be my APPROVED list. The cotton puff feels very soft and nice to apply on the face. The material reminds me a lot to the felt fabric but in a better version. They soak the toner pretty well and the most important part is they do stay in shape while you do swiping, pressing, or patting. Usually normal cotton puff, it tends to tear easily. Also, you won’t experience any waste with this because the puff soaks the right amount of liquid. Other than that, you can use it as a quick mask just apply on your forehead, cheeks, and your chin. Overall this cotton’s usage is more on multipurpose.

– Materials are soft
– No waste to your skincare product
– Convenient
– Soak the right amount of liquid

– Nothing

Rating: 4.5/5

Buy Here:

Silcot Uru Uru Puff 40 pads

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