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I am not sure if I’m the only one who loves to experimenting blushers but I am such a huge fan of blushers. When I open my drawer, I could feel the satisfaction to see all my blushers in one place. Lately, I’ve been wearing subtle shimmer blushers which is natural and not too obvious shades. And that’s how I found Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek. So here we go why I am so in love with this blusher.



Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek 34g [6 Types To Choose]

  • 6 shades to choose: 02 Loveable Coral, 03 Dollish Rose, 05 Flush Orange, 06 Selfie Red, 08 Maxi Beige, 09 Sloane Plum
  • origin from Korea
  • 34 g per piece
  • subtle pigmentation with matching pearls




I just love the holographic effect on the packaging. It grabs my attention immediately; I could feel the unicorn vibe. The size is kinda compatible as I could fit it into my palm. Also, it comes in magnetic packaging. Its kinda secure as it hard to break or split into two.

As you can see, they labelled the shades at top of the heart and also the bottom of the packaging. Not everyone could read Korean, they also labelled translation on the interface. But I find this is super cute because the shades seems to be appeared inside the heart. It may not indicate exactly shades but the base of the shades should be appeared in that way.

And also, this blusher comes with a mirror inside. It may be small but easy to carry where. You can easily reapplied the blusher anywhere you go.



I chose 05 Flush Orange and 06 Selfie Red for my fair skin tone. I love something that orange-ish or natural shades. At first I was scared to try Selfie Red as it may be too red on my skin but instead subtle reddish popped up. Nothing to be scared of if you plan to get this blusher.

I received so many compliments when I wore this blusher during my daily. They find it very natural and glowish. Its because of the pearls that matched along with the shades. It makes my cheeks look flushed and healthy.



This step was suggested by Lilybyred, so I tried it and look…


There are no official ingredient list but however these are their main ingredients; Rosehip fruit oil, Propanediol, Lauroyl lysine, Silica, Purified water



I would rate this product 8/10. I just love everything about it but I think its too small to fit my blush brush. Its okay, we could find smaller brush. You can control the pigments by layering it. The first two layers would be subtle but up to 4 layer it will be enough to show their pigmented.



Lilybyred Luv Beam Cheek


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