REVIEW | W.Dressroom Vita Solution Perfumed Body Lotion #Peach Blossom

The Importance of Keeping Skin Hydrated from Top to Toe!

We’re often harped on keeping facial skin moisturised yet we often overlook other parts of our skin: our entire body. Maintaining an overall healthy complexion, preserving, preserving the suppleness and elasticity of your skin, slowing the signs of aging, protecting your skin from damage caused by pollution and weather, the answer to all these questions is none other than owning a quality body lotion in our shelf-care list. With an array of body lotions in the market, here’s one that I’ve been using religiously to keep my skin in check: W.Dressroom Vita Solution Perfumed Body Lotion #Peach Blossom

SO the ultimate question is why is applying body lotions pivotal? The answer is pretty obvious: having moisturised skin that radiates a luminous glow. Plus, having a dehydrated skin will often result in itchiness, unprotected from the UV rays that’s harmful for the skin and health in general. Although the skin on your body may be thicker and more resistant than the skin on your face, that doesn’t equate to your body doesn’t need the same degree of skincare to retain its moisture.

This W.Dressroom body lotion contains Panthenol Vitamin B, Niancinamide Vita B, Sodium ascorbate Vit C and Tocopheryl acetate Vit e which helps a lot on keeping our body’s skin retain its natural moisture as well as keeping that glow in. Another ingredient that keeps your complexion brightened would be its Vitamin C derivative. It is especially helpful around areas like elbows, neck, and armpits.

As a high heels lover, our heels can produce more calluses because of the pressure of our heels and the gravity. If we do not trimmed and buff the everyday, it will keep adding until they become thicker. That is one of the reasons why we need to wear body lotions on our heels too, the body lotions helps the heels  areas supple and help you to remove the dead skin easier than if you attempted it without lotion and buffer. Your skin will be healthy and you can used your heels happily!

I also loved the feeling of relaxation upon applying this lotions to my skin, while I smeared them to my legs,arms and eventually my whole body. The peachy scents do make me calm and relaxed. I felt re energized and it helps on me having quality nap after the shower.Body care is a must and as we are getting older our skin will became older and dry. This is the time where we should choose products that will give a great benefits to our body too. This lotions comes with varieties of vitamins and moisturizing properties will helps a lot to make our body looking glow and healthy.

This lotion is comes in a plentiful 300 ml and I can use this even longer than three months! The peachy scent attracts me and even the matte feeling of the bottle makes it a lot easier for me to grip on it while using. I love this body lotions so much and the best tips is to use it after shower because that is the time your skin will do much better absorption towards any products.


W.Dressroom Vita Solution Perfumed Body Lotion

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