REVIEW | Faith In Face Jelly Sheet Mask #Cica, Hydra & Vita

Faith in Face is known for their hydrogel masks made from a gel texture as an alternative to cotton sheet masks. Though I’ve never tried it yet as I had one bad experience with another brand’s hydrogel mask that just tore & couldn’t stay on my face, their jelly sheet masks intrigued me. Somehow the sound of jelly was seemingly attractive (yummy) and I tend to rely on sheet masks more than hydrogel ones. Though, I will try Faith in Face’s hydrogel mask one day when I’m in the mood to experiment with it once again! 

Faith in Face’s Jelly Sheet Mask is made from naturally derived ingredients that is sensitive-skin friendly, cruelty-free and has the 5 free system (NO paraben, ethyl alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and artificial colorant). The mask contains a jelly type essence, rich in collagen that stays on skin while leaving it sticky free.

The Faith in Face team is so thoughtful to even paste a translated version of their mask description at the back! Too nice of them 😍

Cica Soothing Jelly Mask

Containing Centella Asiatica extract to soothe irritated skin while forming a moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss. Infused with collagen essence jelly, Centella Asiatica’s magical healing ingredient, madecassoside will soothe and strengthen skin barriers, perfect for sensitive skin! 

Main functions:

🌼 Soothing & calming
🌼 Relieve skin irritation
🌼 Improve skin elasticity 

My review:

This Cica Jelly mask was the first of the jelly masks I tried and can I just say, I’m in love with how soothing it was!! 😍 Soothing effect was super cooling and it stayed on even after the 20 minute duration was up. I immediately wanted to repurchase simply because of this! It’s hard to find a mask with a soothing effect that stays and truly calms the skin. My acne breakout redness immediately calmed down after a good 20 minutes of masking. Perfect to use before breaking out or after a long day out in the hot sun ☀️

Rating: 5 / 5 🌟

Hydra Moistfull Jelly Mask 

Containing Hyaluronic Acid and collagen essence jelly to deliver intensive moisture deep into the skin while keeping its hydration levels long-lasting. The revolutionary mask is the secret to healthier skin, especially for dehydrated skins.

Main functions:

🌼 Intensive hydration
🌼 Strengthen skin barrier
🌼 Improve skin elasticity 

My review:

Forgot to mention it in the previous review, but just like the Cica Jelly mask, this Hydra Jelly mask is not in a hydrogel form, but the essence resembles more to a squished jelly type of consistency. Although it sounds like a weird consistency, it surprisingly stays on my skin well & there wasn’t any uncomfortable dripping! 🙌🏻 Surprising because the “jelly” is quite thick. 


Anyway, this mask definitely was hydrating and did help my pimples heal a little quicker. But it wasn’t as light as the Cica mask and I didn’t enjoy the after feeling as much. Maybe I don’t have dry skin so it may have been too rich for me. Probably something I wouldn’t repurchase again, but it’s not a bad mask, definitely give it a shot if you have dry skin! 😉

Rating: 4 / 5 🌟

Vita Glow Jelly Mask

Containing rich vitamins and Niacinammide to brighten up skin, it also forms a barrier to lock in all the skin’s moisture. On top of that, its collagen essence jelly is infused with fruit vitamin extract from sea-buckthorn berries to boost the skin’s vitality and repair dull skin. A dose of sea-buckthorn berry contains:

2x more Vitamin A than a raspberry
3x more Vitamin C than an orange
15x more Vitamin E than a lemon
16x more fatty acids than a blueberry

Main functions:

🌼 Revitalizing 
🌼 Skin Brightening 
🌼 Improve skin elasticity 

My review:

First off, I’m just going to say that doesn’t the description of the sound so amazing?! Like who wouldn’t love a good dose of collagen and vitamins?! Once again, the texture is the same as the other jelly masks, with a jelly gel like consistency. This mask was really hydrating and it had the same amount of hydration levels as the Cica Soothing one which I enjoyed so so much! I saw an instant glow and even skin tone after removing it. Though I was a little worried about the Niacinammide in its contents, there wasn’t any tingling feeling during masking.


Now I’m a little sad because this is the last sheet of my Faith In Face Jelly Mask series that I have with me and I need to restock them now 😂

Rating: 4.5 / 5 🌟


Faith In Face Jelly Sheet Mask 30ml
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