My All-Time Fave | MIRAE Ex8 Minutes Instant Mask

If you haven’t already noticed from my past reviews, I really, really love masking. I even have a basket dedicated to store my sheet masks which is constantly full because I keep restocking once there’s some room to squeeze the sheets in. 😂 A full basket of masks is my kind of happiness okay! 😂 I mask almost everyday, alternating between sheet masks, scrub masks, mud masks and gel masks. Some find masking as a chore, but I just enjoy the process of pampering my skin after a long day out, rewarding it with an instant perk me up. I’ve lost track of the number brands I’ve tried, but out of all of them, I always go back to MIRAE.

MIRAE Beauty is a Taiwanese beauty brand known as 未來美 (‘wei lai mei’) which translates to ‘Future Beauty’. The idea behind MIRAE’s name is to bring products that will give you a beautiful future and beautiful skin with paraben-free, safe facial skincare.

MIRAE’s Ex8 Minutes Instant mask line comes in 4 variations: 

  • Hydrating – an instant rescue for dry skin with moisture locking and powerful moisturising agents.
  • Comfort – relieves sensitive skin and rashes with golden seaweed to replenish weak skin conditions and vitamin B5 for relieving sensitivity.
  • Repairing – speedy repair and recovery with squalane for instant skin absorption and gold foils to increase skin exfoliation and renewal.
  • Whitening – protection against pigmentation with deep whitening formulations for fairer skin and chamomile flower extract for brighter, glowy skin.

Out of the 4 variations, my favourite is the hydrating one because it always leaves me with plumpy skin but is always sold out on Hermo! If you’re keen on trying and notice it coming back in stock, don’t hesitate and just buy it! Repairing and whitening is as good too, as it also hydrates my skin well. I’ve never tried the comfort mask, but maybe for my next purchase I will. 

The masks have minimal scent and are very, very thin but it comes with a white film to help you place it on your skin a little easier.

It takes a bit of adjusting since the sheets are so thin, but once it’s on your skin, you’ll definitely feel that instant hydration. MIRAE is super generous with their mask essence and there’s always too much to apply on my face so I use them on my neck as well.

Despite being well soaked, the mask surprisingly stays on my skin very well, with no excess drippage. Towards the end of the 8 minutes, my skin felt satisfyingly hydrated, plump and soft.

Adding on to that, the sheet mask dried up after removing it off, which is the kind of feeling I absolutely love knowing that my skin has fully absorbed all of the goodness.

With its hydrating qualities and very accessible price point, MIRAE Ex8 Minutes Mask is one of my favourites mask for a reason. I always recommend to my friends and now to you as well. Buy now! 😂  

Rating: 5 / 5! 🌟 

How to use:

  1. After cleansing face, remove the mask from the packet.
  2. Place the mask on your face, ensure the white film layer is facing out.
  3. Adjust the mask to fit your face and remove the white film layer, and leave the mask for 8 minutes. 
  4. Gently massage till fully absorbed.


Mirae Ex8 Minutes Instant Whitening Mask

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