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Why does Maybelline have so many concealers? Shouldn’t just 1 type be enough?

That was what went through my head when I realised Maybelline has 3 different concealers in their brand:

  1. Fit Me
  2. Instant Age Rewind
  3. Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye

And it got me thinking, what’s the difference? I was curious and so I got them all to test and compare them. Just to let you know, I’ve been using Instant Age Rewind because the OG beauty guru, Tati Westbrooke, recommended it. And it’s really the bomb; wonderful coverage, no creasing even after long hours, and my skin looks gooooooood.

Tati recommending Instant Age Rewind

I will be comparing these concealers in 3 different aspects: formula, coverage, and oxidisation. The shades for each concealers are listed as below. Just for you to note, I like choosing concealers that are lighter than my skin tone as I use it to highlight parts of my face.

  • Fit Me – 07 Vanilla
  • Instant Age Rewind – 15 Light
  • Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye – 120 Light


1. Fit Me

Maybelline Fit Me concealer

The formula for Fit Me is more liquid-y and it doesn’t dry down too quickly. In my opinion, this concealer is the best for beginners at makeup as it’s easy to blend. It’s like a “you-can’t-mess-this-up” kind of concealer.

2. Instant Age Rewind

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer

I find the formula to be little thicker than Fit Me, but still super easy to blend overall. However, I must warn you that this concealer sometimes removes my foundation as I’m blending it. It works well with my Maybelline foundation but terribly with my L’Oreal foundation. I guess this formula just doesn’t match with L’Oreal.

3. Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye

Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye concealer

Out of all 3 concealers, this one is the most viscous. I personally feel this concealer might be a little tricky because you’d have to blend it rather quickly so that your skin doesn’t have uneven patches. However, if you’re already familiar with makeup, blending out this concealer won’t be an issue for you.

To summarise my findings, the formula from less viscous to most viscous is Fit Me, Instant Age Rewind, and then Super Stay.


The best way to compare the coverage of all 3 concealers is how well each one covers up eyeliner. Now of course, the eyeliner will still be noticeable, but it’ll help to determine each concealer’s coverage.

Coverage test of all 3 concealers. Left to right: Fit Me, Instant Age Rewind, Super Stay.

Out of all 3, Fit Me has the lightest coverage, but still good nonetheless. Shockingly, Instant Age Rewind and Super Stay has almost the same amount of coverage. I was honestly expecting Super Stay to perform better in this category because of its thick formula, but wow, am I glad to be proven wrong.

If you’d like a more in-depth review about Super Stay concealer, you can click here to read my honest thoughts on it. I did a long-wear test as well in this article to push it to the limits. 😉


As I was testing all 3 concealers, I noticed that some of the concealers turned darker after a while. I wanted to compare and see the rate of oxidisation, since we obviously want our concealers to match our skin. I first applied the concealer swatches on my hand and left it for about 30 minutes, and then re-swatch next to it to compare its colour.

1. Fit Me

Fit Me. Left: after 30 minutes.  Right: newly swatched

Fit Me is not too bad. The colour looks very similar to the swatch that’s newly applied, but maybe just a tinge darker. If you’re the type of person who skips foundation and only apply concealer like SimplyNailLogical, Fit Me will be perfect for you.

Foundation? You mean concealer?

2. Instant Age Rewind

Instant Age Rewind. Left: after 30 minutes. Right: newly swatched

I was so disappointed to find out that the Instant Age Rewind concealer oxidises the most. As you can see from the swatches, the shades look very different. Now I’m understanding why I sometimes noticed my face looking rather dull at the end of the day; it’s all because of the concealer’s oxidisation.

3. Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye

Super Stay. Left: after 30 minutes. Right: newly swatched

Super Stay’s performance is probably the best among all! It definitely oxidised, but it’s not that noticeable compared to Instant Age Rewind. I can see that the colour changed to be a bit more pink-ish, compared to the original yellow tone.

To summarise my findings, Super Stay is the best, followed by Fit Me and lastly, Instant Age Rewind.


Although each concealer has its own pros and cons, it all honestly depends on what you need in a concealer. For example, I’d recommend Fit Me if you want a natural coverage, Instant Age Rewind for long-wearing, and Super Stay for a super full coverage look. I hope this test helps you choose the best concealer for your makeup!



Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

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