The battle of the MLBB Lippies | 3CE, NYX & Innisfree

If you’re new to the term MLBB it’s the abbreviation of “My Lips But Better”, which are lip colours that enhance the natural lip colour by giving it more depth and intensity. Neutral, warm shades are considered as MLBB shades.

I just love MLBB lip shades simply because I often forget to touch up my lippie so MLBB shades wouldn’t go wrong even if it smudged a little. I also tend to prefer a lighter, natural makeup so MLBB shades do help tone my look down while making me look effortlessly done. Just like a classic bold red lipstick, MLBB shades are an essential as you can pretty much use it for any occasion, dressed up or down. My first lipstick splurge was a MLBB shade and I still love it till now! If you haven’t gotten yourself a MLBB lippie, the time is now! 😉

3CE’s Mood Recipe is a matte-type lipstick with creamy application and primer-like consistency which will leave your lips with distinct long lasting colour all-day. It claims to be able to glide on your lips without any tugging, while creating rich and sensual coloured lips with a single stroke or two.

Innisfree’s Vivid Cotton Ink is a new concept and a reverse of the typical lip tints whereby it’s moist inside, yet matte on the surface. It’s fixation of vivid tint emphasizes its long lasting durability. Formulated with camellia oil, mango seed, avocado and cottonseed oils, Innisfree’s Vivid Cotton Ink claims to keep the lips moist all day long.

NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream is a velvety smooth lip cream that sets to a matte finish. This sweetly scented formula is surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, making it a NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP fan favorite!

 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip ColourInnisfree Vivid Cotton InkNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
ApplicationThis bullet shaped lipstick made it easy to create a defined lip look. The texture was creamy, but not super soft that it would just break. It was able to smoothly glide on my lips and create a rich colour in just one go.This matte style lip tint comes in a thicker consistency compared to glossy tints, but it was easily spreadable across the lips. The only issue was it had a mild leaking problem especially when overheated, so do keep it in a cool place or wrap it with a tissue to avoid staining your bag.This lip cream has a rather small brush so you’d need a bit more effort to cover the full lips to achieve the actual colour. The texture was really smooth, creamy and easy to apply.
Colour payoffColour transferred was almost identical to the tube! These brands will definitely give you the colour you see as it is.
MoistureDrying, would recommend using a lipbalm prior to this lipstick.Moderately moist, you can opt to skip a lipbalm but I’d recommend using one if you’re wearing it for long hours.Surprisingly moist like its claims, I skip the lipbalm completely when I’m using this
ScentMinimal, yay because there wasn’t any weird chalky lipstick smell.Smells really sweet and yummy! Love the scent!Soft yummy vanilla ice cream scent!
Resilience & longevityStains slightly on cups but long lasting and even after food, I still had some lipstick left on.Stained badly everywhere and sadly, doesn’t last very longDoesn’t stain much on cups, long lasting as well and would survive even after food.
Ease of removalEasyModerateEasy
Price$ $$$
Final thoughtsJust like its claims, I was really satisfied with the smooth, easy application process. Too bad it was slightly drying and I had to apply some lipbalm before using this lipstick. Though with it’s really pretty packaging and wide range of beautiful shades which I fell in love at first sight with, all is forgiven. I just love the whole concept of 3CE and they make everything so beautiful that I just want to buy them all! Maybe next time I would try their tints instead of their lipsticks.Though this had more flaws compared to the other 2, I would still recommend getting it because of its pretty colours and affordable price. You’d just need to do a little more work with reapplying and be more cautious bringing it around, but hey, what’s a little more effort for some pretty matte lip tints am I right?It was true to its claims from the start to end, so I wasn’t surprised that it was NYX’s fan favourite. The product overall was a really good one, while being affordable too! Though the only thing I hope for is more korean style warm shades with this formula, then it would make my kind of perfect lip cream! 😂❤️
Rating4.2 / 5 🌟4 / 5 🌟4.5 / 5 🌟


3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color
Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink
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