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I wear makeup everyday and whenever I go out. I just feel like it is a must. I would put on powder, mascara, eyebrow, lipstick and eyeliner.

Wait? Eyeliner? Daily? Seriously?

I cannot skip eyeliner for my daily makeup. It is a must especially on my upper tight line. I have always tight line my upper waterline to make my eyes look bigger and fuller. Are you a fan of doing tight line too? But you haven’t found the perfect eyeliner to do it?

For years I have been using Canmake Creamy Touch Liner to tight line my waterline. I haven’t changed since I’ve found this. Some would use a pen eyeliner to do the tight line but it is not preferable to use a pen eyeliner because it is wet. Hence, this is why you should choose Creamy Touch Liner as your tight liner pencil.



Canmake cosmetics are known to achieved so many awards from @cosme, a beauty platform that reviewed and approved by so many users. And guess what, Creamy Touch Liner managed to grab an award in 2019. This liner comes in 3 wearable shades; Black, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. To do a natural tight line, it is preferable to use Medium Brown which is the colour I am gonna review today!

Based on their creamy touch liner concept, IT IS CREAMY! It glides smoothly without tugging on the skin at all. Do you know that when we tried to apply eyeliner at the waterline would be the hardest? But since it glides easily, I never had a hard time to apply this.

Not like other eyeliner pencil, it will not leave a smoky stain. In my experience, it stays longer even though it is not really waterproof. Usually when I did tight line, it will leave some smoky stain on my under eye which annoys me the most. It makes me look like I just had a rough day.



I think this would be the slimmest eye liner pencil that I’ve ever tried. With the size of 1.5mm hyper slim tip, I can shape my eyeliner easily. I love to create thin eyeliner, hence this eyeliner helps a lot for me to achieve it. But the tip is so soft, by meaning I need to be really careful to prevent it from break easily. Probably could twist it up till 1 to 2 mm only for the usage.

Why would I suggest to twitch it to 1 to 2 mm only? This is because it is not a retractable eyeliner pencil. To keep their consistency and slim design, once you twist it there is no turning back. That’s why you can only twist out what you need! If you twist out too much, the pencil may break and cause wastage.



It glides on smoothly and leaves a high pigmented line which I think would be enough to cover my waterline. But don’t worry as it can be easily removed without leaving a dark stain. This is the comparison of my eye; with and without Canmake Creamy Touch Liner.

This is the difference between not using the liner and using it on the waterline. You can see that it fills my waterline and make it bigger compared to my waterline without liner. It look plain and too many empty spaces and it will obviously can be seen when we are wearing lashes.



Methyl Trimethicone, Trimethylsiloxsilicate, Polyethylene, Squalane, Aluminum Hydroxide



This is my favorite eyeliner, hence I could give 10/10. I don’t really mind the non-retractable design, but their formula really caught my attention. I really love the way it glides on smoothly and it doesn’t tug on your skin. Certain eyeliners do but not Canmake Creamy Touch Liner!

But some how, I really need to be cautious because it is soft due to their creamy formulation. This eyeliner may not suitable to be use by the beginners as you need to handle with care. Some beginners might pressed it too hard that cause it to break.



Canmake Creamy Touch Liner


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