REVIEW | Senka White CC Whitening Serum SPF50

Are you interested to try a 3 in 1 cream to whitening, color correct and sun protection?

Well, a Japanese brand Senka does offers a product that you’re looking for. It is the White CC Whitening Serum SPF50+ PA++++.

🌸 Description:

A daytime use whitening serum that gives you 3-in-1 whitening, UV care, and CC color collection performance in as soon as 10 seconds in morning!

🌸 How to Use:

After lotion, take a pearl sized amount and spread evenly over the face, take extra amount for concerned regions when necessary.


🌸 Star Ingredients:

⭐Whitening: M-Tranexamic acid to suppresses melanin formation and prevents spots and freckles.

⭐Moisturising : rice bran, honey, rice germ oil, hydrolyzed silk, and glycerin, hyaluronic acid


For full Ingredients overview, click here


🌸 Features:

  • No fragrance
  • No coloring
  • Passed most allergic tests
  • SPF50+ PA++++

🌸 Capacity : 40 g

🌸 Color: Pink


My Experiences:

This CC cream comes in a pretty pink tube with white screw cap. It has a nozzle dispenser with small opening allowing a little product to come out at one time. This gives me the control of the cream amount that I squeeze out.

Although it does not contains any fragrance, I could detect a subtle sunscreen-like scent. I do not mind it since it is just a mild one that subsides over some time.

The cream itself is pale pink in color and has no scent at all. It easily glides on the skin. It has quite lightweight consistency, not too runny nor thick. However, I find that I need a few seconds to fully blend the cream evenly on my skin. Two (2) pearl size of the cream is sufficient to cover my whole face. If you are skipping your sunscreen prior to this cream, just use a little more of this cream for the extra UV protection.

It instantly brightens my skin, giving me the fresh look. The tone up effect looks natural on my skin. It does not leave any tackiness, tight sensation or greasy residue on my skin. I like that my skin feels breathable when I use the cream as it does not feel heavy at all.

I can say it gives velvety, silky finish. I love how my skin looks glowy and more radiant with this. It feels moisturizing too!

Although it is easily washed off with water, I will use a cleansing oil to remove it to prevent clog pores issue.

I did not experience any adverse reactions like itchiness, redness, dryness, etc when I am using this product


🌸 Rating : 4.5/5 ⭐


Senka White CC Whitening Serum SPF50


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