How To | 3 Ways to Use Silcot Uru Uru Puff Pads

As with skincare and makeup, beauty tools come in all shapes and sizes, differing in function and quality. The most basic of all being cotton pads. So why should you splurge on this box of  Silcot Uru Uru Puff Pads instead of the cheaper, regular ones?

Well, for one, Silcot puff pads aren’t meant to be used like the regular kind. Confused? Read on to find out what I mean and how this box of seemingly inconspicuous puff pads can be fully utilised!

1. To pat on toner, FTEs and essences — especially expensive ones!

Unlike the basic cotton pads you’d get at stores on average, Silcot puff pads are made with triple-layer material that ensures the cotton puff transfers lotion generously at each patting for a more effective skin care routine. As such, if you’ve invested in a costly FTE (First Treatment Essence) or any other lightweight essence or hydrating toner (or lotion, in Japanese cosmetic terminology), it’s been proven that you’ll be able to save some cash overtime if you apply it using Silcot puffs! This is because you need 50% less product on application compared to if you apply by hand or other cotton pads.

So definitely pat on those luxury babies (no swiping!) with a relaxed mind, knowing that you’d be saving some moolah in the long run!

2. To use as makeshift sheet masks

If you look closely, you may notice that Silcot puffs are designed in a curved or wave-like structure, unlike normal straight-cut cotton pads. Each piece also comes folded, so you actually have two pieces of puff pads attached via a perforated divide. As such, by separating the puff into two sheets, the curved design easily fits the contour of the eye area, making it ideal for “sheet masking” ala the Chizu Saeki method! Especially as when drenched in liquid, the puffs gets even stretchier, which makes it perfect to fit onto facial contours easily.

Basically, just lightly soak about 3-4 pieces of Silcot puff pads in soothing/hydrating toner or essence (you can even mix two or three to fit your specific needs), stretch out each cotton a little and then place them on areas of your face that need some extra boost in moisture.

*TIP! Fold the puff pad before saturating it with liquid to use just enough product (less waste!)

Brownie points as this would be slightly more environmentally friendly than typical sheet masks that contribute to the use of single-use plastics in their packaging!

3. To pat on moisturiser

According to Niu Er, the founder of Taiwanese skincare brand, Naruko, we tend to over-moisturise our skin when purely using our hands as we might apply it on areas where we actually don’t need much of it. As such, by using cotton pads, the risk of over-moisturising oily areas and under-moisturising dry patches can be avoided as the pads aid in absorbing excess product. However, as I would rather not waste too much product, I find that applying this hack with the Silcot puff pads to be the most advantageous.

*FYI: I've applied way too much product here - you only need half as much as this amount per use!

As Silcot pads absorb little product – instead, it pretty much just stays on the surface until ready to be patted onto the skin – it’s a win-win situation! Just plop on a little bit of moisturiser (both emulsions and creams work fine), spread it evenly on the puff and there ya go! Less product usage and less risk of too much/too little hydration in one fell swoop!

All in all, it’s definitely no surprise that this simple box of puff pads are the brand’s best-seller and a must-have item that should be used at least once in your lifetime! The only con I’d highlight is that it doesn’t work well with makeup remover as it’s too soft and absorbent for that purpose. Otherwise, it’s a definite steal for many other uses!

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