REVIEW | W.Dressroom Dress & Living Season 2 Clear Perfume #Morning Rain

Have you ever been to a rainforest? Did you ever climb to the top of the mountain? And have you ever experienced  the rain while hiking on the routes? My question is do you remember the scent of the exact moment? The scent of healthy air with a lot of Oxygen and no hint of air pollutions whatsoever. The smell of the air mixed with the rainwater and surrounding trees and green leaves. The scent of wild flowers in the fog on the top of the mountain adds to the freshness. Well, can you imagine having all that in just one cologne? Here it is!

This is the  W.Dressroom Dress & Living Perfumes in number 45 (Morning Rain). It is a multipurpose cologne that can be used in the room, on garments and clothes. This cologne has is a hint of freshness that is suitable for our daily use and even for our household. I love to use this cologne in number 45 just for the morning and starter of my day because these cologne has a scent of freshness with the reminiscent of morning after rain. Every time I spayed it on myself in the morning, it calms my mind and brings back all the great memories of being in the rainforest.

The notes of this scent:

Top note: Lemon, Mandarine, Peach,Pinapple

Middle : Marine Watery Accord, Green Cucumber, Melon, Jasmine, Lily Of the Valley

Base: White Wood, Musk, Oakmoss

Hence why this scent is full of juicyness and freshness scent because it is enriched with notes of the fruit and musky scent.

Because of the fresh scent of this cologne, I also sprayed it on my pillow case and my bed sheets before sleep because it calms me and relaxes my aura. This relaxations makes it easier for me to fall asleep and my sleeping pattern is healthier. I love this scent the most among all the range because this is the scent that is truly multipurpose for me. It is just like the diffuser but in the spray form for me. I love the way it helps me a lot in my everyday routines.

My Review

This is the greatest fresh scented cologne I have ever used; it truly smells like the morning after rain. The freshness of this scent calms my mind a lot since I am in terrible need of fresh air. The quarantine got me crazy and at my place the quarantine is still going on and that is so frustrating for me. I am in terrible need of fresh air and this cologne helps calms me a lot because it reminds me of the sea breeze and also the memories of the rain during hiking. Hope that we all will get through this pandemic safely and get back to normal again soon!



W.Dressroom Dress & Living Season 2 Clear Perfume


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