REVIEW | [HALAL MASK] Garnier Skin Naturals Serum Mask #Black Charcoal Pore Tightening

The new Garnier Skin Naturals Serum Mask (Black Pore Skin Tightening) infused with charcoal, Black Algae Extracts, LHA & Hyaluronic Acid. Algae is known as one of the main key ingredients in hydrating and rejuvenating effect. It helps prevent skin from aging. Not only that, it also helps to removes puffiness, wrinkles and redness from irritation as well as tightens enlarged pores. Definitely suitable for people like me.

I think this is the first ever charcoal mask launched by Garnier. I realized that their charcoal mask is slightly more expensive than the ones in white normal sheets. As I mentioned in my previous article, I am willing to try on a new masks as long as it helps my acne prone skin.

I have tested a few masks with algae extract too, hopefully this mask doesn’t disappoint me and I look forward to try it out! So let’s get started for the review. Keep reading and don’t stop!

If you’re wondering what is this LHA, let me do a quick introduction here. Basically LHA is a common used in skincare, it is a derivative of salicylic acid that can be found in creams, cleansers, toners and spot treatments. LHA is a more like a gentle ingredient for exfoliation compared to salicylic acid and helps in promote glowing and youthful skin. As for Hyaluronic Acid, needless to say, it is one of the common acid that almost can be found in all hydrating mask! So yea, nothing surprise if you ever spot this acid in some of your masks, cleansers, or toners.

Garnier SkinActive Charcoal and Algae Hydrating Sheet Mask key features include:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Intensely rehydrates
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
  • Tightens pores
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

How to use

  • Begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin.
  • Gently unfold the mask.
  • Carefully apply the black tissue mask to clean skin. Make sure the protective film is facing outwards. Smooth on gently to ensure the whole mask is in contact with the skin.
  • Remove the protective film.
  • Adjust the contours of the tissue mask to match up with your facial features. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, begin to remove the mask by slowly peeling from the edges.
  • Once you’ve removed the mask, massage any excess serum into the skin, or use a cotton pad to remove.

My Opinion:

Actually I did put a great amount of expectations in this mask and look forward to see the effect on my skin. But it was quite disappointing though. It is hydrating, but doesn’t do anything else and I don’t see any unique point of this mask. And by the way the hydration effect doesn’t last at all. 

It claims here that it has active pure charcoal, probably it is just to make the sheet to look black? When poured out, the watery essence/fluid smell amazingly fresh and mild. I used the mask before bed and kept it on for about 20 minutes, but I did rinse my face after that with water. As I don’t like the residue to sit on my skin and leave it overnight. To be honest, it felt very rejuvenating for my troubled skin. 

Lastly, I didn’t notice any particular difference in appearance of pores either, my pores still look the same and redness on my acne still visible. Overall, not a bad product if you’re just looking to refresh your skin a little bit but not particularly effective in terms of brightening or tightening the pores. With this price of, I think its worth it for normal daily use. I will just rate this product as 2/5 as not much difference I could see. Probably not going to repurchase.

Full ingredients:


*Results from the use of beauty product above may vary depending upon the individual and will depend on multiple factors, including your age, gender, skin type and condition, use of other products used, health history, lifestyle, diet and others

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