TUTORIAL | 5 Easy Halloween Looks with 1 Eyeliner

I’ve always loved playing with makeup for Halloween looks and this year is no exception, even though things will be a bit different with this pandemic situation.  I thought I’d challenge myself to come up with 5 easy looks with just one eyeliner – and a face mask. The chosen eyeliner: Kiss Me Heroine Make liquid eyeliner.


Look #1: Masked Clown

This look is so simple and classic but still makes an impact.

Pro Tip: Draw a straight line first, keeping the lines shorter than what you want to end up with. Next, draw a long V around your first straight line, but start from the pointy end of the V. I personally wanted a grungier Joker-vibe, so I kept my lines messier on the edges. The added benefit of a dirtier look? It makes this whole process even faster – haha!

Amp It Up: The length of the top lines could be as long as you want – you could draw it right up to your forehead to make a bigger statement. Or add horizontal lines to the inner and outer corners of your eye.

Wear It With: A full-black outfit, if you’re not into dramatic costumes. Add a unique statement piece if you want a little somethin’ extra – perhaps a black choker, or statement rings, maybe even black or glow-in-the-dark nail polish.


Look #2: Doll Lashes

If you’re not a fan of wearing falsies but love the Barbie doll lashes look, this technique may be a way more comfortable option.

Pro Tips: Draw little v’s to create this lash look. You can opt to fill in the v’s or leave them empty. If you plan to leave them empty, draw skinnier v’s. Different directions of the v’s create either innocent or evil doll looks, so test them out and see which you prefer. I drew my lashes on my lower lash line as that is my flatter (and therefore easier) surface, but if your upper lash line is the easier surface, you can definitely draw regular upper lashes instead.

Amp It Up: Use dramatic falsies for your top lashes. Or use the liner to fill in your brows to get that extra porcelain painted look.

Wear It With: A cute dress would match quite nicely. Optionally you could try overalls and a striped tee. Put your hair in two pigtails or braids. Add bows or clips.


Look #3: Stitched Up

Possibly the easiest and fastest Halloween makeup ever.

Pro Tip: I call these “pirate-style” stitches, which are really straight-forward to draw and can be placed anywhere on your face/body. Keep the stitches jagged-y and in different lengths for a rougher look.

Amp It Up: For a “sewing machine-style” look, try drawing x’s instead of l’s on the “wound line”.

Wear It With: Really, it could be anything you like with this makeup. Perhaps an eye patch, or tear some old clothes and layer them on.


Look #4: Black Tears

Ngl, thought of Billie Eilish.

Pro Tip: Draw the outline with a very light hand at first, to get the shape you want. Slowly fill in the center, being careful not to press too hard as this may cause a smudge outside your light-handed outline.

Amp It Up: Wet a small makeup brush and swipe it along your lash line. Before it dries, start drawing very thin squiggly lines from your lashes down. This will water down the liner liquid with the moisture from the wet makeup brush and create a teary smudgy look.

Wear It With: Loose, baggy sweat suit/pantsuit if you wanna go full Billie Eilish.


Look #5: Infected Veins

The first cue that the movie character is about to turn into the villain.

Pro Tip: Start from the thickest “branch” in the middle of your design. Slowly draw thinner and thinner veins, like tree branches moving outward. There are no rules, no particular shape you need to aim for. Keep your liner very very light-handed and don’t worry if your hand is shaky – that actually creates a more realistic look!

Amp It Up: Use a larger fluffy makeup brush and pat on some deep purple, blue, dark brown, and/or yellow eyeshadow shades before you start drawing your veins. This will create a sickly look, if that’s what you’re after.

Wear It With: Long flowy outfit or match up some old clothes that can be layered over each other and dirty them up with some eyeshadow or diluted foundation for a zombie vibe.


I’m a huge believer of the Kiss Me mascaras, and I’m glad this eyeliner hits the mark as well. The brush is easy to use and pretty soft, almost like a Chinese calligraphy paint brush. It’s waterproof as well, so your look will stay on. For the absolute beginners, test out how much pressure to use by drawing on the back of your hand first. Most of the time, a light hand works best =)

Love, Joni

*Full ingredients list here.


Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep



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