REVIEW | 4U2 Love me Harder Real Matte Liquid Lipstick

Shoutout to liquid matte lipstick lovers because today I’m going to write about my newest favorite liquid matte lipstick from 4U2! I am so excited to write this review since this the first time I bought five liquid matte lipstick from the 4U2 and the same edition Love Me Harder.

4U2 is one of the famous cosmetic brands from Thailand and this brand is dedicated to the challenge of self-expression and the pursuit of self-discovery. Love Me Harder Real Matte Liquid Lipstick was designed ultimately for teenagers and young adults to challenge different shades and different styles for daily wear also for a special occasion.

There are 17 types of shades in this Love Me Harder Real Matte Liquid Lipstick that can create different styles, will suit a different kind of skin tone, suit every mood and will allow women to adventure different looks because 4U2 has selected the most beautiful color for everyone.

There are 17 shades to choose from this collection and honestly, it is hard for me to decide. I feel like wanting the whole 17 shades but I have to limit myself not to buy more than 5 lipstick so I just choose 5 shades out of 17 shades available. My choice is Nude on me (01), feels like sugar (04), drink a coconut (08), touch my skin (07), and keep an orange (10).

The scent of this lipstick is like any typical liquid lipstick scent that I have in my stash. It smells like a bar of sweet chocolate which suits this lipstick collection that mostly has nude and warm undertones. Love Me Harder Real Matte Liquid Lipstick is using reservoir tip as their applicator that has a divot in the middle. This kid of applicator helps to collect more product so you’ll be able to apply your lipstick in one go. The plus point, this applicator has a pointed tip that can use as a lip liner.

This liquid lipstick has a fine creamy texture that allows a sleek application on the lips. Although the texture is luscious it is matte on the lips but it doesn’t make my lips feel dry. The formula itself is thin and lightweight meaning it dries instantly and evenly. Love Me Harder Real Matte Liquid Lipstick offers a far-reaching punch of pigment with just a single swipe (good to use if you’re in a rush because this lipstick dries quite fast).


Light nude brown tone 

Sweet nude brown color

Brick brown color 

Soft orange nude color

Bright red orange

My lips feel comfortable when using this lipstick all day long since it is lightweight makes my lips feel weightless thanks to the formulation of the lipstick. It is non-sticky and greasy and last few hours. Most importantly this lipstick offers an affordable price but with the best quality matte lip that qualifies to compete with the most famous brands out there. I highly recommend the colours that will suit every look and occasion such as nude on me, touch my skin, and drink a coconut. These colours are a must-have in your stash! This lipstick also suitable to be layered with different colours and can even suit the ombre style where you pair two colors to create a colour gradient. Love me harder is suitable to be laid with different lipstick since it has a thin formulation that doesn’t make your lips look patchy even when you layer 2 or 3 colours at once.


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