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The cleaning oil came in as a surprise which I bought during Hermo 612 Birthday Sale under the 612 2020 Ridiculous Round 9: 18/6 banner. Hermo website described the mystery gift to be “different everyday and worth more than DOUBLE what you pay, GUARANTEED” as “8-expect 0 residue, just fresh and smooth skin“. I tried using my luck during the earlier rounds which result to no avail.

This Korean brand is not a total alien in the skincare community as it stands tall among those brands that I labelled as “expensive and pricey which my poor self cannot afford”. And I totally cannot hide my feeling once I unwrapped the packaging and got the chance to own one myself.

The Packaging

The cleansing oil packaging comes in a frosty plastic bottle designed with pump, honestly felt cheap during first handling but it is okay as I get used to it. I like the pump and it came twist-to-lock or cap to prevent it from improper mishandling during travelling. I found the pump to be functional and easy to use as it dispense the right amount for me to lather the product.

The Formula:

Klavuu Cleansing Oil contains a triad of naturally derived oils mainly the jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil and macadamia seed oil which works together to cleanse the pores remove stubborn/waterproof makeup and sunscreen whilst soothe and heal dry, patchy skin. As it also incorporates pearl extract, it also claims to brighten the skin. At first, I quite skeptical (and afraid) to use it because the mineral oil was the first in the ingredients line-up. Users with acne prone and sensitive skin might not be able to appreciate it enough since the infused scent of vanilla and macadamia is quite powerful though it should serve as a mean to flaunt it as luxurious, calming and therapeutic as the first step in the double-cleansing routine. Whenever I used this cleansing oil, it is as if I’m eating a vanilla-infused chocolate wafer because of the strong vanilla scent.

The ingredients also listed some other natural plants extracts aside from the highlighted ingredients above, such as kelp extract, sea whip extract, aloe vera extract,  various algae and microalgae extracts as well as squalene, ceramide 3, butylene glycol, gycerin, water and parfum listed at the end of the ingredients squad.

My Review:

First time I used the cleansing oil on my face, I experienced bad reaction. I mean redness just engulfed all over my face. Thankfully, the redness was not itchy and no bumps. Maybe it was just a reaction for first time using the cleansing oil. I air-dried my face and eased the redness using cold mask pack and proceed with a soothing gel moisturizer and cream moisturizer. Frankly, I was kind of expecting that reaction for any of new products introduced into my routine because my skin need to adapt to the new product and whatever ingredients in it too. Normally, I’ll test it out again a few days or weeks later to see how my skin will react to the product. If no similar occurrence of redness nor itchiness, means that my skin already adapted to the product applied.

Now, this is where the magic begins *cue fairy dusts*

2 days after I first tried the oil, I tested it out again. Because I was boring that time and decided to paint my face with some heavy make up. Did the whole routine of make up and decided to wash them off using Klavuu cleansing oil. Miraculously, the immediate redness is not there (unlike the first time usage) and my face even felt clean after that with no leftover make up residue (I wiped my face again with micellar water just to be sure). I waited for like 5-10 minutes just to be really really sure (who knows if the redness just june-fooled me).

Nope. Nothing. O to the K!

On another note, Klavuu cleansing oil is also very great at removing waterproof sunscreens and makeup products. As pictured above, I tried removing my waterproof mascara, lip products and physical sunscreens and yes, they are all wiped clean by this cleansing oil. 

This means Klavuu cleansing oil got a green light from my skin. How great is that?! So everyone, this also means that every time you’re putting a new product on your skin and it doesn’t show good result during FIRST TIME, don’t be sad or discourage about it. Give your skin some time to adapt and try it again. If the same reaction persist for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and onwards, just know your skin is not fated to use the product and just ditch it or apply it somewhere else.

Not to forget, YMMV because all skin differs from each other. Not one skin is same despite it might look the same with similar skin condition or concerns. Do some research to know more about your skin.


Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil

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