REVIEW | Kocostar Plump Lip Capsule Mask

Kocostar plump lips capsule mask is a heart shaped capsule filled with ultra nourishing serum for all in one lip care. It comes in a cute heart shaped capsules and easy to use, just twist off the tip and apply on your lips like a lip gloss. It provides deep hydration instantly and is good for chapped lips. This lip capsule mask also leaves a tingling feeling and makes your lips plumper.

Even if it is a plumping gloss, I did not feel any super strong tingling sensation. I only felt a little tingling and it did not hurt my lips at all. Wearing it feels like you just finished a bowl of spicy ramen noodles and that’s all. I’ve never had any bad experience using it. But we are women an it is normal for us to feel pain in every beauty stuff we dig in but please, this is not a suitable gloss for a smooch! The men will not appreciate it and they will blame us for it.

I used this plumping gloss 2 ways. The first way, I put it on as my normal gloss and put it on top of my lip liners to make them appear plumper and juicy. This is a great way to plump up my lips because my lips will be looking very delicious and gorgeous. It can also be worn on top of liquid lipstick but I can say that it doesn’t make much difference because the tingling affect will be reduced due to the layer of the liquid lipstick

The second way, I use it as my lip primer. I just put it on my bare lips before applying anything else and it will be even more effective if I used it after a lip scrub. The new layer of skin on my lips will allow the lip plumper to easily absorb and do it job better. The tingling effect will be much more stronger but still bearable on the lips and well, all the more plump-ier your lips will be! I love it but maybe because I am already born with thicker lips and plumping products does not really catch my eyes but on days I want to do more special looks I will use this lip plumper but I won’t use this on a daily basis.


jojoba oil, argan oil, camellia seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, Volufiline™, adenosine.

My Review

This is a great lip plumper and I love using it on days I want to rock a bold red or for a nude lip colour. I also love to use it on days I have a very special event and I want my lips to appear flirty in the pictures. But I also noticed that the plumping effect did not stay long and it may stay for an hour and the plumping effect will be reduced over time. However, it still worth it for just a couple selfies. But if it stays for more than a day then it is not okay as you may be having allergies something. In conclusion, I do love it for the lower price point when compared to other expensive plumping lipstick products but do you really need it? That’s up to you.



Kocostar Plump Lip Capsule Mask


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